On May 26, 2008, Staff Sgt. Leroy A. Petry and the 2nd Platoon, D Company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment conducted a high-risk daylight helicopter assault by landing on two helicopter landing zones north and south of the primary target building respectively. The mission was to capture a high-value target believed to be located in the primary target building.

At 1:34 p.m., on May 26, 2008, the assault force began to clear the objective area. Petry's task was to locate himself with the platoon headquarters in the target building once it was secured and serve as the senior noncommissioned officer at that site for the remainder of the operation.

Recognizing one of the assault squads needed assistance clearing their assigned building, Petry relayed to the platoon leader that he was moving to the squad to provide additional supervision and guidance during the clearance of the building.

Enemy Compound
Five Rangers entering compound


Staff Sgt. Petry, Pvt. 1st Class Lucas Robinson, Sgt. Daniel Higgins, Staff Sgt. James Roberts, and Spc. Christopher Gathercole, entered through the northeast corner of the outer courtyard and immediately moved to the inner courtyard to clear the buildings. Once the inner courtyard structures were cleared, Petry and Robinson moved to clear the outer courtyard, knowing it had not been cleared during the initial entry.

Both Rangers moved into an area of the compound that contained a then-unknown number of enemy fighters who were prepared to engage friendly forces from opposite ends of the outer courtyard.

Sergeant First Class Petry

SSG Petry

Private First Class Robinson

PFC Robinson

Rangers securing inner compound
Sergeant First Class Petry and Private First Class Robison move to clear outer coutyard


Petry and Robinson entered the courtyard and immediately to their front was an opening followed by a small chicken coop. As they moved to cross the open area before the chicken coop, an insurgent shot at them with an AK-47 assault rifle from about 10 meters away.

Petry was wounded by one round, which went through both of his legs, and Robinson was hit in his side plate by a separate round.

Sergeant First Class Petry and Private First Class Robinson round corner of outer courtyard
Two insurgents appear in the corner
Insurgent wounds Sergeant First Class Petry and Private First Class Robinson

While wounded and under accurate enemy fire, Petry led Robinson to the cover of the chicken coop. The enemy continued to deliver accurate sustained fire in the vicinity of the chicken coop as Petry rapidly assessed the situation and reported that contact was made and that there were two wounded Rangers in the outer courtyard of the primary target building.

Sergeant First Class Petry leads Private First Class Robinson to protection of chicken coop
Sergeant Higgins

SGT Higgins



Upon hearing the report of two wounded Rangers, Higgins, still providing security in the inner courtyard, immediately moved to the outer courtyard. As Higgins was moving to Petry and Robinson's position, Petry threw a thermobaric grenade in the vicinity of the enemy position. Shortly after the grenade exploded, which created a lull in the enemy fire, Higgins arrived at their position and began assessing their wounds.

Sergeant Higgins responds to Sergeant First Class Petry and Private First Class Robinson's position
Sergeant First Class Petry throws thermobaric grenade
Grenade lands in vicinity of insurgents
Sergeant Higgins meets up with Sergeant First Class Petry and Private First Class Robinson

While Higgins was evaluating the severity of their wounds, an insurgent threw a grenade over the chicken coop at the three Rangers.

The grenade landed approximately ten meters from the Rangers, and knocked them to the ground when it exploded. It wounded Higgins and Robinson.

Shortly after the grenade exploded, Roberts and Gathercole entered the outer courtyard, moving toward the action.

Enemy throws gernade 10 meters from three Rangers
Gernade explodes and knocks down three Rangers
Sergeant Roberts and Specialist Gathercole moved towards other three Rangers


Petry, Higgins, and Robinson were still grouped together on the side of the chicken coop when another grenade landed a few feet from Higgins and Robinson.

Recognizing the threat that the enemy grenade posed to his fellow Rangers, Petry, despite his own wounds and with complete disregard for his personal safety, consciously and deliberately risked his life by picking up the live enemy grenade and trying to throw it away his fellow Rangers.

He decided to risk his life to remove the immediate threat to his fellow Rangers' lives. As Petry was throwing the grenade away from his team, which prevented serious injury or death to Higgins and Robinson, it detonated and catastrophically amputated his right hand.

Another gernade lands in middle of three Rangers     Sergeant First Class Petry picks up live gernade
Sergeant First Class Petry removes gernade as it explodes leaving his hand and amputates his hand
Sergeant Roberts arrives and suppresses the enemy behind the chicken coop

With a clear mind, Petry assessed his wound and quickly placed a tourniquet on his right arm. Once this was complete he reported that they were still in contact with the enemy and that he had been wounded again.

Immediately after the blast amputated Petry's hand, Roberts began to engage the enemy behind the chicken coop with small arms fire and a grenade, which effectively suppressed the enemy.

Shortly after that engagement, another enemy on the east end of the courtyard engaged Roberts and wounded Gathercole. Higgins and Robinson returned fire and killed the enemy.

Another enemy on the east end of the courtyard engaged Sergeant Roberts and wounds Specialist Gathercole
Sergeant Higgins and Private First Class Robinson return fire and kill the enemy


Sgt. 1st Class Jerod Staidle, the platoon sergeant, and Spc. Gary Depriest, the platoon medic, arrived moments later in the outer courtyard. After directing Depriest to treat Gathercole, Staidle moved to Petry's position. Staidle and Higgins assisted Petry as he moved to the casualty collection point. Once at the casualty collection point, Petry maintained the presence of mind to inform the medics about his injuries, in order to assist them with treatment.


Petry also informed his fellow Rangers of the situation in the courtyard before they moved to destroy the remaining enemy. Just before the platoon evacuated Petry, Higgins informed him that his actions had saved both the lives of Robinson and his own.

Higgins wrote in a later statement, "if not for Staff Sergeant Petry's actions we [Higgins and Robinson] would have been seriously wounded or killed."

Sergeant First Class Petry and his platoon
Sergeant First Class Petry

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