Then-Specialist Salvatore A. Giunta distinguished himself by acts of gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a rifle team leader with Company B, 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, during combat operations against an armed enemy in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, Oct. 25, 2007.

  • Soldiers' ranks are presented from Company records at the eve of deployment to Afghanistan and in many cases are not current.

  • Sergeant Joshua Brennan

    Sgt. Joshua Brennan - (KIA)

    Sgt. Brennan was hit multiple times during the initial ambush and at some point was carried away by two insurgents from the area of contact. Spc. Giunta recovered Sgt. Brennan from his captors and began treating his many wounds. After retrieval, Sgt. Brennan was medevaced from the site, but later succumbed to his wounds.

  • Specialist Hugo Mendoza

    Spc. Hugo Mendoza - (KIA)

    Spc. Mendoza was a medic for the Headquarters element of the platoon. He was critically hit during the initial ambush and quickly succumbed to his wounds.

  • Specialist Frank Eckrode

    Spc. Frank Eckrode

    Spc. Eckrode was hit multiple times during the ambush, but was still mobile enough to find cover and return fire to the enemy's position. When Spc. Eckrode's Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) jammed, he was assisted by Bravo Team who provided cover fire while Staff Sgt. Gallardo treated his wounds.

  • Staff Sergeant Erick Gallardo

    Staff Sgt. Erick Gallardo

    Upon initial enemy contact, Staff Sgt. Gallardo tried to link up with Spc. Eckrode and Sgt. Brennan but was stopped by a wall of heavy fire. After realizing he couldn’t reach Sgt. Brennan and Spc. Eckrode, Staff Sgt. Gallardo attempted to rejoin Spc. Giunta and his fire team. While maneuvering toward Spc. Giunta, Staff Sgt. Gallardo was struck in the helmet by an AK-47 round and fell into a ditch. Spc. Giunta immediately ran to help Staff Sgt. Gallardo to cover. Upon reaching cover, Staff Sgt. Gallardo, Spc. Giunta, Pfc. Clary, and Pfc. Casey inventoried their grenades and threw multiple volleys toward enemy positions. They made it up to Spc. Eckrode where Staff Sgt. Gallardo began treating his wounds. After Sgt. Brennan was retrieved by Spc. Giunta, Staff Sgt. Gallardo bounded to their position and began assessing Sgt. Brennan and providing necessary medical treatment.

  • Specialist Salvatore Giunta

    Spc. Salvatore Giunta

    At the initial barrage of enemy fire, Spc. Giunta sought cover and brought his team online to begin returning fire. At some point in the battle, Spc. Giunta left cover to assist Staff Sgt. Gallardo back to their cover position. While exposed, the enemy shot Spc. Giunta multiple times but the rounds were all stopped by his body armor. After numerous grenade volleys, Spc. Giunta, Staff Sgt. Gallardo, Pfc. Casey, and Pfc. Clary linked up with Spc. Eckrode. Spc. Giunta continued on toward Sgt. Brennan's last-known position. Upon reaching the position, Spc. Giunta, identitfied the injured Sgt. Brennan being carried away by two insurgents. Spc. Giunta, engaged the insurgents, killing one and wounding the other, which enabled him to retrieve Sgt. Brennan and began medical treatment to his multiple wounds.

  • Private First Class Kaleb Casey

    Pfc. Kaleb Casey

    As the Bravo Team Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) gunner, Pfc. Casey provided a cyclic return and cover fire after the initial ambush. Later upon linking up with Spc. Eckrode, Pfc. Casey provided security and additional cover fire for his team.

  • Private First Class Garrett Clary

    Pfc. Garrett Clary

    As the squad's only Soldier with an M203 grenade launcher, Pfc. Clary provided effective grenade fire and coverage, which allowed his team to bound up to Spc. Eckrode's position. Clary continued on to support and provide security to Spc. Giunta as he retrieved Sgt. Brennan from his captors.

  • Spc. Christopher Izell

  • Spc. Brett Perry

  • Pfc. Michael Burns

  • Staff Sgt. Josue Valles

  • Sgt. Roberto Sandifer

  • 1st Lt. Bradley Wynn

  • Spc. Tyler Gangwer

  • Sgt. Nathan Reilly

  • Spc. Drew Talley

  • Pfc. Oliver King

  • Staff Sgt. Curtis Brouthers

  • Staff Sgt. Chris Shelton