3rd ESC

U.S. Army 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command


The 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command provides logistics and distribution management anywhere, at any time, in any environment, against any adversary.


  • Brig. Gen. Christopher J. Sharpsten Commanding General Brig. Gen. Christopher J. Sharpsten


1 AMC, Month In Review - August 2016
2 AMC Best Warrior Competition - Day 2 Highlights
3 AMC Best Warrior Competition - Day 1 Highlights
4 AMC Best Warrior Competition - Day 0 Highlights
5 SGT Clint Brandau & SGT Paul Scherer perform for RSA's 75th Anniversary
6 SGT Sean Peabody performs "Fortunate Son"
7 K.C. Bertling performs "God Bless America"
8 AMC Band performs "This is War"
9 SGT Sean Peabody performs "These Are My People"
10 SGT Sean Peabody performs "Fly Me To the Moon"
11 SGT Amy Mahoney performs "Final Countdown"
12 SGT Amy Mahoney performs "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"
13 SSG Michael Scarlett performs "Dont Stop Believin"
14 Micahel Curtis "We Know You"
15 Aeden Boothby Performs for 75th Anniversary of Redstone Arsenal
16 AMC, Month In Review - May 2016
17 COL John Kuenzli is LOGSA'S new Commander
18 GEN Dennis Via speaks at Oakwood and Alabama A&M Commencements
19 GEN Dennis Via Commissions Soldiers at his Alma Mater
20 AMC, Month In Review - April 2016
21 U.S. Army Research Lab collaborates with University of Southern California
22 U.S. Army, USC Open Research Laboratory West
23 U.S. Army Materiel Command Host Small Business Industry Outreach
24 Army Materiel Command's 2016 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
25 Read Across America
26 AMC, Month In Review - January 2016
27 AMC Says Farewell to the HON Heidi Shyu
28 Team Redstone Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
29 AMC, Month In Review - December 2015
30 GEN Dennis Via and CSM James Sims Holiday Message
31 MAINTENANCE HAULIN' with the Sergeant Major of the Army
32 AMC, Month In Review - November 2015
33 AMC 2015 Hall of Fame Induction
34 AMC, Month In Review - October 2015
35 AMC, Month In Review - September 2015
36 Army S&T Community Assess Emerging Technology
37 AMC, Month In Review - August 2015
38 Two Army Musicians Win AMC Best Warrior Competition
39 AMC Welcomes Its Top Civilian
40 AMC, Month In Review - July 2015
41 Redstone Arsenal Army Community Service 50th Anniversary
42 BG Edward Daly Speaks on Army Force Restructure
43 AMC, Month In Review - June 2015
44 AMC, Month In Review - April 2015
45 U.S. Army Materiel Command's Intern Initiative
46 SMA Daniel Dailey praises Redstone/AMC workforce
47 AMC Band Performs During SMA Dailey's Visit to Redstone Arsenal
48 AMC, Month In Review - March 2015
49 2015 AUSA Global Force Symposium - Huntsville, AL
50 BLST University