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  • Items of interest for the USAG Ansbach community.
    (i.e., community-wide events, upcoming construction, security notes, etc.)

    Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
    DODEA - Ansbach Middle/High School Senior Car Parade
    • Through Katterbach Army Family Housing area, 30 May.
    • 5 - 5:45 p.m.
  • Volksfest Wassertrüdingen
    • 24 May - 27 May 2024 @Festplatz Bürg, Wassertrüdingen
    • It offers various attractions, fun activities and booths for the whole family.
    Altstadtfest "Oldtown festival" Ansbach
    • 29 May - 02 June 2024
    • It offers various attractions, fun activities and booths for the whole family.
    Children's Flea Market
    • 01 June - 02 June 2024
    • Pfarrstraße + Montgelasplatz, Ansbach
    • From 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    Open Sunday Ansbach
    • SUNDAY, 02 June 2024
    • various shops are open on Sunday for business
    300th anniversary of the Hofgarten Ansbach
    • 08 June - 07 July 2024
    • Hofgarten Ansbach
    • Different exhibitions and tours within the Hofgarten installation will be offered during the time frame
    • For more information, visit www.
    MUNA Museum Open House
    • 09 June 2024 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Oberdachstetten training area located between Ansbach and Illesheim Storck Bks. Frankenkaserne exit.
    • Entry until 5 p.m.
    • Entry fee 8 euros (from the age of 15)
    • For more information, visit
    Open Air Milmersdorf Festival (MOP)
    • 28 June- 29 June 2024
    • Milmersdorf, 91623 Sachsen b. Ansbach
    • Doors open: 6.30 p.m.
    • Friday program: Oktoberfest band "Die Kirchendorfer"
    • Saturday program: BAF - Finest Rock music (Cover band from Ansbach)
    • Tickets can be purchased at www.Open Air
    "Die Kinderzeche" Dinkelsbühl
    • 12 July - 27 July 2024
    • is a fair with various attractions and booths, there are also a number of shows and parades organized with children and performed for children. The origin of the "Kinderzeche" dates back to 1475 from the Catholic choir school system.
    • For more information and purchasing tickets for the shows, visit
    Ansbach Open
    • 19 July - 21 July 2024
    • "For the first time, top-class musicians will come to the Ansbach University campus to experience an unforgettable time in the midst of the fusion of culture and knowledge and to create a great festival atmosphere"
    • For more information, visit
    Altstadtfest Herrieden
    • 20 July - 21 July 2024
    • It offers various attractions, fun activities and booths for the whole family
    • Herrieden - USAG Ansbach Partnership Shoot on 21 July (12 p.m. - 5 p.m.)
    Wine Fest Ansbach
    • 22 August - 25 August 2024
    • More than 30 different Franconian wine will be presented and sold. Also Live-Music will be available.
    Fall Fest (Volksfest) Nürnberg
    • 23 August - 08 September 2024
    • Volksfestplatz Nürnberg
    • This big Volksfest offers various attractions, fun activities and booths for the whole family.
    Grüne Nacht "Green Night" Ansbach
    • 28 September 2024
    • "Ansbach's sights shine in green light. And a large number of buildings are open to culture lovers. The special atmosphere is created not least by "green" activities and performances by "green" characters, which turn the cozy late summer evening into a spectacle. Live music of different styles on various stages in the old town guarantees the best atmosphere."
    Ansbach celebrates Simon Marius
    • The mathematician, doctor, astronomer and calendar maker Simon Mayr from Gunzenhausen, who called himself Marius, was the Margrave's court mathematician and astronomer in Ansbach. He discovered the moons of Jupiter at the same time as Galileo Galilei, but only published his work after his famous colleague.
    • Different activities and events are planned throughout the year in Ansbach.
    • For more information, visit
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