U.S. Army MWR

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs


Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs, the G9 Division of the Army's Installation Management Command, is a comprehensive network of quality support and leisure services that enhances the lives of Soldiers, Civilians, Families, military retirees and other eligible participants.


  • Paul Burk, Director, IMCOM G9, Family and MWR Programs Deputy Chief of Staff Paul Burk, Director, IMCOM G9, Family and MWR Programs


1 40 years on, Army veteran strives to reunite families with fallen heroes
2 Army Modernization Strategy
3 Who we are
4 World War II veteran's 100th birthday: Story of service and Family
5 360 Afghanistan: Soldiers use artillery to deter enemy rockets
6 Functional Fitness
7 America's Army is ready to fight and win
8 Could you be the next best warrior?
9 2018 Eisenhower Luncheon
10 2018 Annual Meeting and Exposition: Opening Ceremony
11 Task Force Marshall Mission
12 Transformation
13 State of the Pacific
14 Army announces new Armored Brigade Combat Team
15 Bringing Them Home
16 Multinational Special Operations Forces train in Egypt
17 When the Waves Swell
18 World Trade Center Man
19 This WE'll Defend
20 Soldier-athlete on discipline, strength
21 Jungle Warfare Survival Training
22 Building relationships, training in Korea
23 Tribute to Women in the U.S. Army
24 Humans not hardware
25 Why We Fight
26 The 82nd Airborne
27 Soldier's Journal: Dive Supervisor Story
28 Initial Success or Total Failure
29 Never Forgotten: Recovery mission in Vietnam
30 Beyond the Horizon: Medical treatment in El Savador
31 Soldiers: Mortarmen's story
32 Troops to Teachers
33 One Station Unit Training changes
34 Cadets, Soldiers conduct a combined live-fire exercise
35 Soldiers conduct rocket strikes against ISIS in Syria
36 West Point Cadet Summer Training
37 U.S. Army announces Austin as the home of new Futures Command
38 Army Combat Fitness Test
39 Oath of Enlistment
40 This We'll Defend
41 Changes to one-station unit training
42 Pentagon Hall of Heroes: 1st Lt. Garlin M. Conner
43 President presents Medal of Honor during White House Ceremony
44 Garlin Conner: 'Called artillery on his own position'
45 Private video
46 This We'll Defend: Flag Day
47 Celebrating 243 years
48 Army Vision
49 D-Day Invasion orders
50 State of the Infantry