Images on ARMY.MIL are generated into five standard sizes, which are used throughout the site in various locations. Below are the image sizes and the location in which they belong.

Design Tip

Each image should be outlined with a 1px solid border in the HEX #3D3D3D gray color.

  1. 1 News Article Page

    640px in width

  2. 2 Secondary Crop size

    446px x 300px

  3. 3 Front Page Feature Story

    342px x 228px

  4. 4 Army Images

    150px x 100px

  5. 5 Thumbnail

    100px in width

640 pixel width on 446 pixels wide by 300 pixels high on 342 pixels wide by 228 pixels high on 150 pixels wide by 100 pixels high on 100 pixel width on