General colors are used heavily throughout the entire website, including logos, headers, and body text. The background colors used throughout the site are all within the gray color palatte. Look below for more details about the colors used on ARMY.MIL.

Design Tip

All article headers and copy text on ARMY.MIL are a specific shade of gray: HEX #3D3D3D.

  • Black

    hex: #000000

    rgb: 0,0,0

    cmyk: 0,0,0,100

    Pantone: Black

  • Army Yellow

    hex: #FFCB05

    rgb: 255,203,5

    cmyk: 0,20,100,0

    Pantone: 123 C

  • White

    hex: #FFFFFF

    rgb: 255,255,255

    cmyk: 0,0,0,0

    Pantone: White

  • Cool Gray

    hex: #3D3D3D

    rgb: 62,62,62

    cmyk: 68,61,60,49

    Pantone: Cool Gray 10C

  • Content Area

    hex: #F7F7F7

  • Army Green

    hex: #7B8738

  • Left Navigation Area

    hex: #C2C2C2

  • Hover State

    hex: #B4B4B4

  • Left Navigation Active

    hex: #4E4E4E