Style generally follows the Associated Press Style Guide. This means content submitted to, should be presented according to this format.

When in doubt, please consult the AP Style Guide for content presentation rules.

  1. 1 Style Guides

  2. 2 Content Titles

    • Sentence case - Ex: "Soldiers overcome grueling test of skill to earn coveted Expert Field Medical Badge"
  3. 3 Attribution and Rules

    • Not three cap letter abbreviation, AP style - Ex: "Master Sgt., Lt. Col., Spc., Maj. Gen., etc.
    • Always capitalize "Army" and "Soldier" when referring to the U.S. Army
    • Include unit, or government branch of author in byline.
  4. 4 Body

    • Format - Left justified, print newspaper format
    • Spacing - No indentation, single line spaces in-between paragraphs
    • Dateline - Ex: "SILVER SPRING, Md. (Army News Service, Feb. 9, 2009) - "
the United States Army Article Style Example