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Your understanding of the Army and our missions is an integral part of our nation's security. We want to ensure we provide you with the information and assistance you need to become educated about your Army. Because the Army is an extension of the American public, we encourage you to become active advocates for the Army and our Soldiers by telling the Army story.

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There are countless individuals and organizations who have stepped forward to support our Soldiers, Veterans and their Families over the last decade. They are part of the Army Story, too. We now have a "Friends of The Army" blog about issues affecting our Soldiers, Veterans and their Families where we highlight those individuals, organizations and communities who are assisting and providing support to our Army Family. You may read more at our blog.

Community organizations help tell our story as well. Veterans' service organizations (VSOs) and military service organizations (MSOs) have taken on the integral mission of caring for our Soldiers and their Families. Our VSOs and MSOs provide tremendous support and are our advocates before Congress, third-party spokespeople, grassroots influencers to communities, and the nurturing hand standing behind those in uniform every day.

Our Community Relations team works closely with VSOs and MSOs to provide regularly scheduled briefs to their national organizational representatives to learn more about current Army programs and initiatives from Army Senior Leaders.

To find out more about a VSO or MSO providing support in your local community near check out or the National Resource Directory

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U.S. Army Field Band

Since its formation in March 1946, the Field Band has appeared in all fifty states and in more than thirty countries on four continents. The organization's four performing components, the Concert Band, the Soldiers' Chorus, the Jazz Ambassadors, and the Volunteers, each travel over 100 days annually. Tours include formal public concerts, school assemblies, educational outreach programs, festivals, and radio and television appearances. Each concert by the Musical Ambassadors is sponsored by local media, or service organizations and businesses with media support. The sponsor provides a suitable concert site and conducts a publicity campaign designed to fill the venue. Transportation, meals, and lodging are paid by the Department of the Army. To learn more about The United States Army Field Band or request a performing component visit the U.S. Army Field Band website, contact 301-677-6586 or E-mail:

Mission Statement

Connecting you with your Army

The Community Relations Division coordinates Army community outreach nationwide by connecting Army Senior Leaders with communities and developing relationships with organizations, businesses, sports teams and individuals who support Soldiers, Families and Veterans.

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