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Lt. Gen. Crawford Interview With Fedscoop

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CIO/G-6 leads Army network modernization to deliver timely, trusted and shared information for the Army and its mission partners.


A secure, integrated, standards-based environment that ensures uninterrupted global access and enables collaboration and decisive action throughout all operational phases across all environments.


Cybersecurity and Information Assurance - The Cybersecurity Directorate provides direction and guidance for cybersecurity policy, architecture, and resourcing to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and repudiation of Army data. Networks, Services and Strategy - The Networks, Services, and Strategy Directorate provides policy, strategy, and governance of all Army Networks and Enterprise Services; serves as the Army's lead integrator for the Army Information Technology Oversight Council; and provides management and synchronization of network and enterprise service requirements, resourcing, and acquisition to enable the Army to prepare for and fight wars, and execute expeditionary, worldwide Unified Land Operations (ULO) in all domains and environments. Architecture and Integration - The Architecture and Integration Directorate drives innovation and modernization across the Army by developing and maintaining an integrated enterprise architecture, propagating data and service standards, and applying comprehensive program management rigor to IT investments. Policy and Resources - The Policy and Resources Directorate exercises legal, fiscal, and statutory authorities to achieve near-term and strategic CIO/G-6 objectives; and delivers CIO-focused governance, policy, human capital development, financial planning, programming and execution, bulk buying strategies, and portfolio management to execute and sustain LandWarNet and Network 2028. Enterprise Cloud Management Office - The Enterprise Cloud Management Office is a centralized resource to establish the cloud environment to synchronize and integrate cloud efforts across Army.


Strategic-Level Documents National Strategy to Secure 5G of the United States of America National Cyber Strategy for the United States of America Department of Defense Cloud Strategy Department of Defense Cyber Strategy Summary Policy Documents Army Regulation 25-1, Army Information Technology Army Regulation 25-2, Army Cybersecurity Stand-To! Information Papers Army Data Plan 2019 Army Modernization Strategy The Army People Strategy Army Regulation 25-2, Cybersecurity Army Network Integrated Tactical Network Army Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign Shaping the Army Network: Mobile Technology Risk Management Framework Career Program 34 (CP-34) Information Technology Management CP-34 July 2020 newsletter (archived issues) CP-34 Information Technology Management Career Models (December 2019) Related Links CIO/G-6 Collaboration Site (CAC req) Army Data Body of Knowledge (ADBOK) Team (CVR Teams account req) Army Data Plan, Governance and Execution Order (CAC req) Army Network Modernization Division Portal (CAC req) Info Assurance 1-Stop Shop (CAC req) CyberSec Awareness Toolbox (CAC req) Communications Security Modernization Implementation Planning Guidance (CAC req) Around The Signal Corps U.S. Army Futures Command U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence U.S. Army Mission Command Center of Excellence U.S. Cyber Command Joint Chiefs of Staff, J6 U.S. Army Cyber Command U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command U.S. Army Communications and Electronics Command U.S. Army Signal School 7th Signal Command (Theater) 311th Signal Command (Theater) 335th Signal Command (Theater) 1st Signal Brigade 2nd Theater Signal Brigade 15th Signal Brigade 21st Signal Brigade 35th Signal Brigade 93rd Signal Brigade 106th Signal Brigade 516th Signal Brigade

CIO/G-6 Priorities

The 40th Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. James C. McConville, declared that people are his No. 1 priority. People, in concert with the priorities of readiness, modernization and reform ensure the Army is ready to defeat any adversary, anywhere, whenever called upon, under any condition. People Our Army's people are our greatest strength and our most important weapon system. Our people are our Soldiers, Family members, Department of the Army Civilians, and Soldiers for Life (retirees, and veterans). We must take care of our people and treat each other with dignity and respect. It is our people who will deliver on our readiness, modernization and reform efforts. Readiness Army leaders have a sacred obligation to build cohesive teams that are highly trained, disciplined, and fit that can win on any battlefield. Cohesive teams drive tactical to strategic readiness and enable dynamic force employment. We must be ready to defeat any adversary, anywhere, whenever called upon, under any condition. Modernization The 2018 National Defense Strategy directs the Army to shift focus from irregular warfare to great power competition. We are at a critical inflection point and we must aggressively pursue the Army's modernization efforts in order to maintain our competitive edge. Modernization must include developing the multi-domain operations concept at echelon, delivering the six modernization priorities, and implementing a 21st Century talent management system. Reform We cannot be an Industrial Age Army in the Information Age. We must transform all linear industrial age processes to be more effective, protect our resources, and make better decisions. We must be the Army of tomorrow, today. In support of the Army Vision and priorities, the CIO/G6 priorities are: - Protecting our Data and Moving to the Cloud - Support to Army Futures Command - IT Investment Accountability - Enterprise Network Modernization In addition to these priorities, the CIO/G6 is also focused on: - Cybersecurity - Workforce 2028 - Mission Partner Environment (MPE)/Interoperability

Army Signal Corps 160th Birthday Video: CIO/G-6 Leadership Team

Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford Interview: Army CIO/G-6 Response To COVID-19

Project Quantum Leap (segment starts at 35:19)

Project Quantum Leap

Problem Statement: Army’s IT workforce does not have the skills required to support emerging technologies nor the agility to develop and employ talent to meet changing requirements Goal: Re-code, re-skill and up-skill 1,000 existing IT positions between now and Fiscal Year 2023 . Thesis: In order to rapidly acquire the talent required to meet technical demands, we must “Re-Imagine” not only the Workforce of the Future but also how we get there. Academia as a marketplace is changing and so should we. Intent is to transition from a focus on “Certifications” to a focus on “Skills” by leveraging non-traditional means to Up-skill and Re-skill the workforce, like nano degrees and venture capitalist supported on-line training.

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External Workforce News

  • "Army pushes new effort to reskill, upskill its IT workforce," Federal News Network, July 17 "Army trying to generate new skill sets for IT workforce through 'Quantum Leap,’" Inside Defense, July 15 "U.S. Army Officials Aim to Win the War for Talent," Signal Magazine, July 15
  • "What Are ECQs, And Why Do They Matter?" GovLoop, June 2020 "OPM Announces New ‘Data Scientist’ Job Title," GovExec, Jun 2019