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Event Information

Below are descriptions for some of the events Warriors will compete in during the 2018 Best Warrior Competition.

Command Sergeants Major Board Appearance

Warriors must have command of their appearance, military bearing and knowledge of the Army as competitors will appear before a Command Sergeants Major Board where they will answer a variety of questions related to the U.S. Army.

Competitors are assessed by their breadth and depth of knowledge on areas such as military leadership and counseling, current events, U.S. Army history, tactical communications, survival, battle-focused training, weapons, U.S. government and Constitution, land navigation, the NCO Creed and history, and myriad other focus areas.

Essay and Written Exam

Today’s Warrior is competent in their Soldier Skill Level and is capable of communicating in a board room or on the battlefield. To demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge and communication skills, warriors must complete a written exam covering broad topics related to the U.S. Army and compose an essay on a surprise topic to be announced when the event begins.

Physical Fitness Assessment

Physical fitness is a marker of individual readiness. Warriors will take a rigorous Physical Fitness Assessment to assess their individual fitness level and warrior spirit.

In addition, warriors must meet Army weight standards in accordance with Army Regulation 600-9.

Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

Today’s warriors must be well versed in a variety of warrior tasks outside of their primary military occupational specialty. Competitors are expected to be proficient in the list of more than 40 warrior tasks and battle drills. Not all will be tested at the Best Warrior Competition; however, competitors won’t know which WTBD they’ll face until they enter their competition lanes.

Weapons Range

The basic weapon of today’s Warrior is the rifle. Warriors must successfully zero the M4 rifle.

Mystery Event(s)

Soldiers must be able to react, adapt and overcome a situation quickly and decisively. Warriors will participate in a mystery event designed to see how well they can think on their feet while under both mental and physical stress.