VICKSBURG, Miss. - A representative from U.S. Army Legal Services, Brig. Gen. Leanne Burch, a chief judge from Monticello, Ark., visited for the first time with the 412th Theater Engineer Command's Office of the Staff Judge Advocate personnel on March 2, 2013, during battle assembly.

Deputy Staff Judge Advocate Maj. Savas Kyriakidis said, "This is an article six visit, when a general officer visits the troops in the field. The Army's Judge Advocate General Corps is the largest law firm in the world, so the general officer's trip accomplishes several things. It is an opportunity for JAG headquarters to convey the state of the Corps and concerns and directives to the judge advocate personnel in the field and keeps the JAG headquarters aware of what is going on with us."

"I'm here to convey the JAG vision and also to find out whether the needs of the Army are being met by the 412th's legal services," said Burch. "This is a fact-finding mission but also a sensing session to ensure that the 412th TEC knows and appreciates the needs being served through the legal staff at the 412th."

Burch said, "I'm very appreciative of the warm reception that I've received, but also the needs being met through the legal office here. Judge advocates and paralegals are here to serve soldiers. I'm very pleased how the legal services here are impacting the needs of the 412th TEC."

"The actions and personnel issues being addressed by JAG impact how this unit functions," said Burch. "Moving things in and out of the legal realm in a professional manner is incredibly important."

"It's nice to see the professionalism of the JAG Corps here," said Burch. "I'm excited to hear how the 412th's senior leadership believes in their legal staff's ability to serve the soldiers and serve the command in a very professional manner."

"JAG is certainly being well-represented here," said Burch.