CAMP COVINGTON, Guam-- The Forward Support Company, 84th Engineer Battalion, currently forward deployed to Camp Covington, Naval Base Guam, completed their first major movement of oversized quarry equipment to the Port Authority of Guam.

The equipment transported was used in the quarry located on Naval Base Guam that was recently closed down. The quarry was used to blast rock that would later be used for asphalt and paving missions completed by the Navy Seabees.

"It was sad to see the quarry go because it was a great training opportunity," said Navy Chief Petty Officer Williams Sanders. There is another quarry used by the Seabees in the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake, California.

Although the closing of the quarry was bitter sweet, the transportation of the equipment showed a joint effort among the services and Guam authorities.

The FSC, also known as "Alfa Company," consists of maintenance, transportation, and embarkation sections. The embarkation team's main mission is to ship and receive equipment from the surrounding islands in the Pacific.

Coordination was made with Port Authority of Guam, the Guam Police Department, the Naval Mobility Construction Battalion Five, and with Soldiers within the 84th Eng. Bn. Nine vehicles were moved in total, to include five oversized pieces.

The 523rd Horizontal Construction Company provided equipment operators to help assist the embarkation team with the movement to the port. The NMCB 5 crane crew assisted by helping to load and offload equipment off trailers once it arrived at the port.

The embarkation team has worked closely with the Guam Port Authority. The leaders of the embarkation team has worked directly with the port as well as the Surface Deployment Distribution Command, a company that coordinates with other contractors to arrange movements and shipping dates.

"The Port Authorities are always very cooperative and helpful," said Staff Sergeant Danielle Quimbley, Alfa Company's embarkation team section leader. "They always assist us with accomplishing our mission!"

In addition, the Guam Police Department has worked with the embarkation team on multiple occasions. It has provided a police escort for the oversized vehicles to ensure that the convoy did not hinder any local traffic. The officers were very flexible and worked with the embarkation team with changing port dates and movement times. The team has been able to accomplish several missions with the assistance from local Guam authorities.

"The Guam Police Department has really been helpful in our missions," said Sgt. David Alex, transportation yard boss in the FSC. "They are a great asset to our team."

Overall, the movement of the quarry equipment was a great success because of multiple agencies and services working together to accomplish the mission. The movement could not have been completed without the help of any one section. It was a major accomplishment for the embarkation team to close out the chapter of the quarry at Naval Base Guam.