WIESBADEN, Germany - LaToya Roberts likes everything about the Protestant Women of the Chapel's "Faith, Fitness and Lifestyle Revolution" program - the fitness classes, the consumer advice and the fact that it's family friendly.
"I like the fact that we have unlimited access to the trainers for questions," Roberts said.
The 12-week program was in its seventh week when Roberts joined a group of about 20 participants for Leslie Suddeth's spin class at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center March 7. The group sweated for nearly an hour to Suddeth's commands and a variety of pop music in an upstairs room. Beforehand, nutritionist Amy Rains talked to the group about eating more fruits and vegetables.
Although the program's focus is on health in general, there is also a component that includes weight loss, said Kimberly Anderson, PWOC Wiesbaden's president and an organizer of the program.
The women weigh in weekly, and the participant who loses the most weight by the end of the program will win an iPad mini, Anderson said. As of week seven, the participants as a whole had lost a total of 93 pounds.
In addition to the spin class, participants have also taken classes in Zumba, yoga, weight training and circuit training, Anderson said.
It is not just the Wiesbaden chapter of PWOC that is holding the program, Anderson said, but other chapters in the Rhein area, including Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern.
The number of people in the program has provided strength in numbers, participants said.
 "I really like the idea of working with other people to keep me motivated and on track," said Janneil Crader. "Motivation is a great thing."
Of the classes, Crader said she has enjoyed Zumba the most, but she also enjoyed spin. "It takes me out of my comfort zone," she said.
Another class that took her out of her comfort zone was the High Intensity Interval Training, which includes repetitions of high intensity exercises, Crader said.
"I love that we've done something different each week," Crader said. "It's a great way to become healthy."
Charlene Horman said her favorite class during the program has definitely been spin. "It's the perfect workout. It reaches everyone's fitness level, whether they're beginners or not."
It also helps to have professional trainers and nutritionists available because they know what they're talking about and they give practical tips for participants to take home, Horman said.
"What I definitely like is learning how to utilize the information in everyday life," Horman said.