WIESBADEN, Germany (March 27, 2013) -- Only a few people were on hand to mark the occasion, but the March 14 ribbon-cutting ceremony marked another major step forward in the transformation of U.S. Army Europe.
A roomful of civilian project engineers and Army officials celebrated the completion of the information technology installation of the Gen. John Shalikashvili Mission Command Center on Wiesbaden's Clay Kaserne.
"A lot of work that this team did is hidden under the floorboards and behind the walls of the Shali Center," said Col. John K. Arnold, U.S. Army Europe, or USAREUR, deputy G6, adding that most people are unaware of the tremendous effort involved in wiring the new facility.
The project completion ceremony marked the end of a massive project by Power Project Enablers Enterprise Information Systems to equip the Gen. Shalikashvili Mission Command Center with a comprehensive data network, extensive video teleconferencing capabilities, a digital media suite, more than 1,200 secure telephones and other features.
"Lt. Gen. (Donald) Campbell will be able to command from this location," said Arnold.
"I know it was hard, expectations were set very high, and you all made it look easy," Arnold told the assembled project contributors. "I appreciate the flexibility and the work that you did. It's been a great transition for this command."
"I really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication of everyone involved," said Lt. Col. Louis King, assistant program manager for Europe's Power Projection Enabler Enterprise Information Systems, thanking various members of the team.