REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Electromagnetic Environment Effects Test Division, Redstone Test Center, conducted a helicopter crash response exercise March 19 to evaluate the Emergency Action Plan of E3 while using internal and external Redstone Arsenal emergency response assets.

Within minutes of the notional crash RSA fire station #1 and #3, HEMSI ground ambulance, and Med Flight air ambulance were on the scene assessing the situation, extinguishing the notional helicopter fire along with treating and removing injured personnel.

"The exercise was a very productive and effective exercise which brought to light what actually transpires behind the scene in order to bring together such an elite group of rescue personnel to care for the injured," said Tom Morgan, safety manager for the Environmental and Component Test Directorate. "Conducting this exercise has been a valuable asset in building our safety program where invaluable lessons have been learned."

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Test Division, a subordinate of the Environmental and Component Test Directorate, plans, conducts, analyzes and reports the results of developmental tests in aircraft systems, propulsion systems, optical and electro-optical systems along with electromagnetic environments. E3 is also the only Department of Defense hazardous lightning effects test center for live ordnance.

Redstone Test Center, a subordinate unit of the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command, is the Army's premier tester of small rockets, missiles, aviation and sensor systems, subsystems and components.