USARIEM unveils redesigned website

By Ms. Kelly Sullivan (USARIEM)March 27, 2013

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The U. S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, unveiled their redesigned institute website Monday in an effort to combine multimedia information and products in one easily-accessible location.

The home page not only welcomes visitors to the site, but also allows quick linking to everything from official social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter to ways to work with the institute to current and archived news stories. It also allows users to search for all Institute publications dating back to 1993 and links to websites of our sister organizations on Natick and our higher headquarters at MRMC.

The many tabs within the site allow users ease of access when seeking information about USARIEM. The About tab not only explains USARIEM's history, location and research divisions, it also boasts a new facilities tab allowing visitors to take a virtual tour of the institute. The new Partnering tab allows users to quickly gain access to resource material such as submitting a new product, idea or research proposal, while the Research tab provides insight into USARIEM's core capabilities.

The Media tab serves as a digital newsletter, hosting current and past stories about the institute and also places our marketing brochures instantly at users' fingertips. Finally the publications tab links visitors to our researchers' peer reviewed journal articles, textbooks and technical bulletins.

Sharing information and getting the message out are USARIEM's priorities and using these venues will allow us to let users know what's happening quickly and effectively.

With this website release, it's also very important to stay vigilant about operational security as well as Internet scams, cyber security and identify theft. There are constant reports about instances where criminals use technology to invade our homes and local, state and federal agencies. Keep in mind OPSEC means protecting information that can be used to piece together a puzzle about anything including your home and your work environment. Protecting our information on while on information is critical to ensure we keep our nation and homes safe.

To check out USAIREM's redesigned Web page, please visit: