BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Mar. 20, 2013)--Within a couple of hours of assuming command for Regional Command East, CJTF 101on Mar. 14, Maj. Gen. James C. McConville paid a visit to the 401st Army Field Support Brigade to see their processes and procedures to retrograde non-mission essential equipment from RC East and the Combined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan.

McConville and members of his command staff visited the AFSBn-Bagram Logistics Task Force BAF redistribution property assistance team area to see how rolling stock is turned in and processed through the various steps to ensure accountability for the basic vehicle and associated equipment is maintained.

"At the end of the day, we're finding equipment and bringing it to record," said Col. Mark A. Paget, 401st AFSB commander.

Paget advised McConville of 401st plans to close RPAT yards in conjunction with planned base closure or transfer at outlying locations to allow time to complete all the actions and get the equipment transferred off the forward operating base.

McConville asked if equipment from closing or transferred FOBS would be shipped direct to a port of embarkation or come to Bagram. Paget said some would be picked up by the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution command for movement from the forward locations while other pieces of equipment would have a local movement request for transfer to Bagram before onward movement.

McConville was briefed on the ammo abatement program that thoroughly inspects vehicles several times to ensure it is free of ammunition and explosives before being prepared for return to the United States.

He also saw the process for handling non-rolling stock that can range in size from hand-help pieces of equipment to huge generators.

The final stop was at an observation platform to see vehicles staged in different yards according to their mode of transportation from the CJOA-A.