CONTINGENCY OPERATING SITE MAREZ, Iraq - Delivering, receiving, storing and maintaining accountability for equipment and documents are primary tasks for all U.S. Army unit logisticians.

Spc. Diana Ortiz, a supply specialist assigned to Company A, 27th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, was recently named the 'Long Knife' Reposture Hero of the North for doing an outstanding job accomplishing these tasks.

'Long Knife' Reposture Heroes of the North are recognized for their hard work and dedication in support of the U.S. Division-North mission to transition security missions to Iraqi-led operations.

"Ortiz has done a great job not only fulfilling her duties as a supply specialist, but going above and beyond to ensure all company logistic operations are taken care of," said Staff Sgt. Sabrina Taylor, Company A supply sergeant.

During the deployment, Ortiz oversaw the turn-in of wheeled vehicles, military corrugated metal packing crates, and a palletized load system trailer - equipment with a combined value of more than $3 million.

Ortiz played an integral part of all turn-in processes and change of command inventories, where 4th AAB inventoried more than $35 million worth of equipment with no losses.

In addition to her duties as a supply specialist, Ortiz is also a company armorer responsible for maintaining accountability of weapons, optical devices and other supplies within the company's arms room.

"We are here to support the company by ensuring all their supplies and equipment are mission ready and capable," said Taylor, a native of Sumter, S.C.

Even though logistics specialists sometimes work long hours during their overseas deployments, they ensure their fellow soldiers have the necessary equipment they need to conduct the company's support missions within the brigade's area of responsibility.

"Ortiz has experience in managing supplies, maintaining property and (facilitating) transactions that happen within the company. She's a great asset to have, because she is that good at doing her job," said Taylor.

Born and raised in Ecuador, Ortiz moved in with family members in Miami prior to joining the military in 2007.

In 2008, after completing basic and advanced individual training, Ortiz was assigned to Company A, 27th BSB, and deployed later that year with the brigade to Tallil, Iraq.

"My first deployment taught me a lot," said Ortiz. "I got to my unit and learned how to do my job there; it was a good experience for me."

Currently on her second deployment with the unit, Ortiz uses her knowledge to support her section sergeant in sustaining the company's supply operations.

"I enjoy doing my job, because it allows me to support other soldiers here," said Ortiz. "The soldiers here appreciate what we do and it shows by me receiving this award."

When Ortiz is not filing hand receipts and maintaining accountability of the unit's tactical vehicles, weapons and equipment, you can find her taking online classes and continuing her undergraduate studies in business administration.

After redeploying to Fort Hood, Texas, Ortiz plans to finish her studies and earn her bachelor's degree. She eventually wants to attend Officer Candidate School.

"The Army has done great things for me so far, and I'm sure I have a lot to look forward to as I continue to do great things for the Army," said Ortiz.