SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- Girl Scout Troop 530 and the Army share a common goal: to be good stewards of the community in which they live and work.

The troop, based here, joined Island Palm Communities (IPC) to launch an Adopt a Playground pilot project.

"The Girl Scouts have proudly taken ownership of their neighborhood and are making a positive impact on families who utilize the facility and live in the surrounding area," said Tom Adams, IPC's director of property management.

The troop adopted a playground in the Porter Community, here, and is committed to cleaning the area twice a month over the next six months.

Building community among families through activities, special events and programs, like Adopt a Playground, is an important part of IPC's mission to create places that can positively impact residents.

"The Girl Scouts are setting a great example for their peers, and we hope they will encourage others to take a proactive role in their own neighborhoods," said Adams.

Adopt a Playground

To learn how your organization or neighbor can take part in IPC's Adopt a Playground, call 808-275-3159 or email