The training provided CFNCOs the skills to meet the ACS, Financial Readiness Program's mission to assist Soldiers in achieving personal financial readiness.
"There is a great interest among installations to get us out there, to train folks who will be conducting the class," said Eric Smith, military advisor, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, Military Edition. "We talk to these leaders about what the program is, and give them some insight into how they can make the classes they will hold better."
During the course, the CFNCOs learned a variety of skills they could put into their own classes.
The instructors went into detail about the challenges associated with financial troubles, which included understanding what the 'problem' is, what challenges they will face, and what the chain of command will face.
"Financial management is important, because several studies that we have conducted indicate that about half of the Soldiers out there are deeply concerned about their financial circumstances," said Smith. "Soldiers are vulnerable to very unscrupulous tactics that are going on in both commercial and learning situations."
The CFNCOs were provided with materials to teach the Soldiers in their battalions, including workbooks and study guides.
"This class shows us that if Soldiers have the willingness to learn and budget, they will save money," said Chaplain (Maj.) Vincent Manuel, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Carson. "I recommend this training to all Soldiers."
Manuel said he has helped Soldiers with their finances in the past, and when he heard about the financial management train-the-trainer course, he jumped on the opportunity to attend the class, so he could help Soldiers in even more ways.
Working hand-in-hand with their course instructors, each CFNCO adopted the financial management class for their specific battalion.
"Through what I've learned, I will be able to teach the Soldiers in my battalion how to place and save money, and know where their money is going," said Sgt. Evelyn Esposito, CFNCO, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 204th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.
Esposito said she believes if Soldiers are financially sound, they will have less stress at home and be more productive at work.
"I want to help my Soldiers, and through this class, I am better able and prepared to do that," said Esposito. "When I teach the Soldiers in my battalion, I want to ensure that every Soldier is financially sound and on their way to achieving financial peace."
The Fort Carson ACS Financial Readiness Program offers a variety of services, including: finance education, budget assistance, and debt management. Soldiers can schedule an appointment by calling (719)-526-4590, or contact their unit CFNCO for more information or assistance.