After a decade of war, our Army is changing and so are its people. We find ourselves at a unique and critical time in our Army's history. We're at a time when not only military personnel are in theater…but Civilians, too, have also made the commitment and are often standing in harm's way to support the joint Warfighter. We've evolved into a Joint Force. Over the past 11 years of sustained conflict, our forces have fostered relationships with our allies through unity and teamwork. We are still clearly on the same path of success.

And now, our troops are coming home, bringing with them the opportunity for the Army to reposition itself and prepare to sustain our nation's defense strategies. I'm proud to say I work with a team of Soldiers and Army Civilians who have shown time and again the dedication and expertise to sustain our nation's forces and support our Combatant Commands.

I am proud of our CECOM personnel who have kept pace with the demands of battle on more than one warfront--never wavering--and continuing to evolve with it. We have an opportunity to set conditions as we transition to a CONUS mission which is Sustainment focused.

You have done a great job these past 11 years supporting the needs of the Warfighter. Sometimes you provided answers to new issues at a moment's notice. You developed innovations to address new problems that arose in an operational environment often difficult to ascertain. And now, we have a chance to look at those issues, build on lessons learned, and position our Army to be pro-active in laying the groundwork for the Army of 2020.

We are focused on building the leaders of tomorrow and continue to foster a commitment to the Army and Army Civilian Profession. At CECOM, we are providing more professional development opportunities to our workforce to posture ourselves to support the Army's Prevent, Shape and Win strategy. We are facing times of fiscal constraints and much will be asked of you, but I am confident you are ready. The leaders we develop within our ranks now will take us into the Army of 2020. We need your expertise to realign our business processes to maximize our productivity while remaining efficient as we prepare to enter and environment of fewer resources. Through your efforts, our force is better integrated than ever before. But to be at your best, we need you to be healthy, mentally and physically tough, trained and ready. You are our most valued asset and we must take care of each other to ensure our Soldiers and Civilians remain versatile and agile.

We are a value-based organization…an organization built on mutual trust and respect with the American people. To keep that trust, we must remain steadfast and true to our values of honesty and respect for one another.

We are a community of servicemen and women--in and out of uniform. Together, we will take the Army and CECOM to a new height of efficiency, camaraderie and productivity. It is with your dedication to professional development and patriotism that we will be successful. I am proud to be a member of your team.

Thank you for your service and a job well-done.
One Vision, One Mission--the Warfighter.