YONGSAN GARRISON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA -- Yongsan provided an opportunity for its service members to get a fine dinner at R&R Bar and Grill, Feb.28. As a part of offering a quality of life to sincere service members, the garrison has been hosting this event quarterly.

The dinner included a 4 course meal including an appetizer and a desert, a giveaway lottery, and a greeting speech to all the participants.
R&R Bar and Grill and garrison MWR have been running this dinner event as a collaboration project, quarterly from last year, and plans to make it an ongoing custom.

"The purpose of this event is to let the service members know that we recognize their effort," said Ron Buss, the garrison's business operations manager for MWR. "We bring in chefs from outside the garrison, who are very highly rated people. The meals they provide cost hundreds of dollars, and our service members are getting them for a fair price here. I hope that this fact will inspire our service members and let them just see that someone does care about their service towards the garrison."

According to Buss, the chefs who volunteered for the event are well known for their quality. Wayne Golding, the chief chef of the night works for the Grand Ambassador hotel.

In order to make the event available for everybody, the R&R Bar and Grill staff members and MWR service members had to put a lot of effort in to synchronize the schedule.

"It was not an easy job, I would say," said Jacob Kim, business manager of R&R Bar and Grill. "We wanted to make sure that as many people as possible can come here, so we had to modify the schedule a lot. In addition, because the event uses the main dining room, the whole setup had to be done again."

As a result of all efforts made by the staffs, attendees of the dinner seemed to enjoy both the food and service provided.

"I loved tonight. It was truly a great experience for me," said Sgt. Rivera Angel, a human resource sergeant. "I was able to share time with my coworkers and the food and service was great too. It's definitely not something you can have every day. Plus, I think this kind of event makes the bond between the service members stronger."