FORT BENNING, Ga. (March 6, 2013) -- Spc. Alfred Hermitt of Columbus, Ga., a former active-duty Soldier who is now in the Reserves, said he achieved his goal of working for a military-friendly company that works with his drill duties as a Reservist.

Hermitt was able to land the job with Waggoners Trucking, a truck driving company that regularly hires Soldiers, with assistance from the Army Career and Alumni Program at Fort Benning.

When he began his process through ACAP in April 2012, it was the small things that helped in big ways, such as receiving job suggestions through email from ACAP and attending the workshops, he said.

"I am now happy because of this company," he said with enthusiasm. "It's a disciplined company, it's military-friendly and all you have to do is just work, and work well."

Even now that he's employed, he still stops by ACAP, he said, in order to obtain new information to improve himself.

The class he got the most out of was the interview class. He was sure that what he learned from the class helped him to land his current job, Hermitt said.

"ACAP shaped me," he said. "It helped me reach where I am at right now."

After ACAP, Hermitt went on to become a licensed wheel loader operator, backhoe loader operator, dozer operator -- rough grade and a hydraulic excavator operator at the Georgia College of Construction. His current job as truck driver matched up well with his MOS -- 88M -- as a transporter truck driver.

Now, in conjunction with working, he performs his drill duties as part of the 287th Heavy Equipment Transportation Unit in Anniston, Ala.

Waggoners Trucking is such a military-friendly company, he said, that his drill assignments are logged into the company's system so that his job and military duties don't conflict.

They remind him of when he has his drill, and give him routes that allow him to stop in Anniston, perform his duties and then continue to his destination to finish his job.

Although happy with his current position, Hermitt admitted the journey to getting where he is now wasn't easy.

"Reintegration can be difficult," he said. "You really have to make sure that you plan ahead."

He faced obstacles, he said, when his first-line supervisor wasn't supportive of the ACAP process.

Since his time in ACAP and his continued contact with the staff there, Hermitt said he continues to see improvements that help Soldiers transition successfully.

He is thankful for ACAP services, proud to continue to serve the Army and grateful for his job at Waggoner, Hermitt said.

"I'm happy where I'm at," he said.

ACAP is now a mandatory program for Soldiers and includes a five-day Transition Assistance Workshop. ACAP reaches out to Soldiers 12 to 18 months before their ETS date to prepare them for civilian life.
These changes were the result of the Veterans Opportunity to Work to Hire Heroes Act, a law passed in 2011 and that went into effect in November 2012.

For more information, visit ACAP in Building 2652 off of Dixie Road on Main Post or call 706-545-2308 or 706-545-2309.