The U.S. Army Regimental System was established in 1981 to "enhance combat effectiveness through a framework that provides the opportunity for affiliation, develops loyalty and commitment, fosters an extended sense of belonging, improves unit esprit, and institutionalizes the war fighting ethos."

The U.S. Army Medical Department Regiment was activated on July 28, 1986, during ceremonies at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and has since affiliated all AMEDD Soldiers with the AMEDD Regiment, a regiment whose tradition of caring is distinguished by more than 230 years of proud and faithful service to Soldiers, the United States Army, and the United States of America. All initial entry training Military Occupational Specialty producing courses and the Officer Basic Course formally affiliate Soldiers during their rites of passage or graduation ceremonies. Governed by AR 600-82, the Regimental system allows civilians to elect affiliation providing the Regimental Commander opens affiliation to them.

The Surgeon General approved affiliation of AMEDD civilians in February 2011 to include eligibility for recognition as Distinguished Members of the Regiment (DMOR), and Honorary Members of the Regiment (HMOR) for their spouses. While AMEDD civilians are automatically part of the AMEDD Civilian Corps, employees may elect to affiliate with the Regiment. This affiliation is strictly ceremonial and will not affect assignments. As AMEDD Civilians continue to take on positions of increased responsibility and greater leadership roles, affiliation with the AMEDD Regiment supports the AMEDD Civilian Corps vision and mission, and helps to strengthen the culture of trust to build a more cohesive, integrated Army Medicine Team.

In an effort to help perpetuate the history and traditions of the Army Medical Department Regiment and enhance unit morale and esprit, Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho, MEDCOM commanding general and The Surgeon General, further recognized and supported the AMEDD Regimental Program for Civilian employees in Army Medicine, culminating with AMEDD Civilian Regimental Affiliation Day on 26 March 2013.

Commanders determine the number of AMEDD civilians in their organizations who wish to affiliate with the AMEDD Regiment and send a memorandum via email to the AMEDD Regiment at to request affiliation certificates for their Civilians. The memorandum should include the number of civilians who elect affiliation, the point of contact, the mailing address where the certificates should be mailed, and an attachment with the names of the employees to be affiliated.

Charles G.(Gregg) Stevens, AMEDD Civilian Corps chief, said, "We strongly encourage our Civilians to become members of the AMEDD Regiment. Membership in the Regiment alongside our AMEDD Soldiers will improve camaraderie and be another sign of the strength of our Army Medicine Team that results from the diverse capabilities the different members can bring to the mission."

For more information, you can contact the AMEDD Regiment at the email address above or by phone at 210-221-8455, DSN 471.