TARIN KOT, Afghanistan (March 4, 2013) -- Texas National Guard and coalition forces celebrated Texas' independence from Mexico at Multinational Base Tarin Kowt, March 2, 2013.This year marks the 177th anniversary of Texas independence. The declaration of Independence came just days before the Battle of the Alamo, March 6."For Texans, the Texas Independence Day is like Texas' own Fourth of July," said Texas National Guard Security Force Assistance team commander Lt. Col. William Phillips, 56th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.In Afghanistan, Soldiers took time out of their busy schedule to remember this historic event by serving Texan style dishes, flying a Texas flag, displaying a copy of Lt. Col. William B. Travis's "Letter to Gen. Sam Houston" at the Siege of the Alamo and toasting to commemorate the day.One Texas SFAT team member showed of his Texas pride by grilling Texas style hamburgers and sharing some of the history of Texas with the Soldiers and contractors who attended the event."Today was all about Texas, to shows people here we are proud of Texas," said SFAT officer, 1st Lt. Patrick Gurski, 56th IBCT.