ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- TACOM Life Cycle Management Command Sgt. Maj. Karl Schmitt toured Anniston Army Depot Feb. 20 to gain a better understanding of the depot's mission.

"I've seen numerous briefings, read numerous briefings and I've sat in on a lot of video teleconferences, but it wasn't until I arrived here to touch the equipment that I really understood the work performed here," said Schmitt.

Schmitt said each of TACOM's installations is like a piece of a large puzzle and by going to the depots and arsenals he is able to piece together an overview of TACOM's workload.

Depot-level maintenance is not new to Schmitt. He began his military career as a mechanic.

"Everything the employees here touch, I've touched and I've depended on it," said Schmitt.

During his 28 years of military service, Schmitt moved from maintenance to logistics, setting his sights several years ago on TACOM LCMC.

"I know I've had the right background to go to TACOM," he said, adding that he is excited about this opportunity.

One of the many reasons he was anxious to visit the various installations and meet the workforce is to gain a complete understanding of the various missions and those who accomplish them.

"It is good to see the installation and meet the employees who do the work, so I can speak on their behalf," he said.

Schmitt said he was impressed not only with ANAD's capabilities, but also with the dedication each employee has to ensure the warfighter has the right equipment.

That dedication to the Soldiers struck a personal chord with him.

"I've always wanted to wear this uniform," said Schmitt. "I've always thought it was the greatest honor to be a Soldier."