ARLINGTON, Virginia (Feb. 27, 2013) -- the U.S. Army Transition Strategic Outreach (TSO) Office -- under the TAG / HRC / ARMY G-1 chain of command -- is the primary conduit for Employers, and Industry, to access Transitioning Soldiers: the "Army Talent Pipeline." TSO helps Employers "navigate" the Army's reintegration network by developing lasting Industry relationships.

Badging and Credentialing Efforts Now in Full Swing

Unquestionably, a vibrant manufacturing industry is central to the long-term health and success of our economy. However, there are reportedly 600,000 manufacturing jobs open in the U.S. and more than 82 percent of manufacturers report they cannot find people to fill their skilled production jobs. Over the next decade, it's expected that 2.6 million workers will retire from the manufacturing sector. U.S. veterans present a huge untapped resource for the economy. Veterans possess an exceptional foundation of leadership skills, discipline and focus that will equip them to thrive in an industry that is evolving. In fact, one million veterans are anticipated to exit the armed forces over the next four years and will be transitioning to civilian careers.

One of the strongest examples of how TSO helps sustain, and advance, the Army's message of Transition, is its direct involvement with the National Association of Manufacturers, The Manufacturing Institute, Futures Inc., and General Electric. This esteemed coalition of industry leaders is now launching its "Get Skills To Work" (GSTW) program. And, in validation of its importance to the overall Transition process, TSO is proud to have been selected as an active participant on the GSTW Military Advisory Council.

The Council itself of made up of active and retired military leaders. Its mission is to help coalition partners better understand and address the needs of veterans and transitioning military personnel so that GSTW can more effectively deliver solutions that close the manufacturing skills gap, bolster the talent pipeline, and give our nation's bravest the tools they need to compete for good careers in a growing industry. Some key members of the Council include: John Campbell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Wounded Warrior Care & Transition Policy; Sgt. Major Bryan Battaglia, Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs; Admiral Michael Mullen (retired), former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs; and Vice Admiral Alfred G. Harms, Jr. (retired). Indeed, TSO lives up to its role of helping businesses navigate the transition process by connecting employers to Army talent.

In response to the pressing demand to quickly fill skilled manufacturing jobs -- coupled with the reliable availability of Transitioning Soldiers seeking employment -- the GSTW Military Advisory Council has successfully launched an impressive system. They have developed a way to a.) rapidly issue credentials ("Badges") for those Soldiers who, based on their Army MOS, already possess the needed skills and qualifications for immediate employment and b.) provide targeted learning-programs for those who still require a bit more training in order to be fully certified in a specific manufacturing arena. How did they do it?

The Manufacturing Institute, working with Futures Inc., created a digital badge system to help translate applicable MOS codes to civilian positions in advanced manufacturing. Skills-matching and badge distribution is supported by the U.S. Manufacturing Pipeline, a centralized online hub that connects manufacturing employers with veterans and transitioning military personnel, where employers can post jobs and veterans can search for jobs.

GSTW will also leverage LinkedIn to enable veterans to build and post their professional profiles and relevant skills. To boost the number of job opportunities available to credentialed veterans, GE will sponsor an advanced manufacturing "job-posting drive" on the LinkedIn platform. Military veteran participants and employers can access these features at and also learn about the latest updates at and @GetSkillstoWork on Twitter.

For those veterans whose military service experience doesn't immediately qualify them for available manufacturing jobs, coalition partners will work with local community and technical colleges to establish The Manufacturing Institute's "Right Skills Now" program, which fast-tracks industry-recognized certifications and offers training in core manufacturing technical skill areas. Partners will engage their regional supply base to ensure the certifications being offered meet the immediate skill needs of local employers, and will work with the U.S. Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, as well as local military transition offices and bases, to recruit veteran participants.

Through its ability to leverage valuable relationships with its Army "Fusion Cell" outreach partners, and its position within the TAG, HRC, and G-1 hierarchy, the Transition Strategic Outreach office is honored to provide Industry with a meaningful access-channel both to and from the Army community. On a daily basis, TSO truly brings to life its accurate slogan: "Connecting Employers to Army Talent."

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