HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE, Hawaii-- "I have a great respect for military chaplains, and seriously considered it myself. I had relatives and friends who were chaplains. It is not an easy ministry. Now many chaplains are faced with a serious challenge to their ability to minister." -- Father Orthohippo

As the former 65th Engineer Battalion, 130th Engineer Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, chaplain to the 130th Eng. Bde., the "Bayonet" family welcomes Chaplain Capt. Christopher Hodge who is beginning to make his impressionable footprint, starting with the 7th Dive Detachment, 65th Eng. Bn.

During sergeants' time training, Hodge jumped right in with the "Sappers of the Deep" and conducted underwater operations. As the divers investigated the murky waters for potential improvised explosive devices, the men of the sea allowed the man of God to experience the training and all of its glory.

Hodge is ready for integration into the 65th Eng. Bn. He is a certified diver who found the opportunity to jump into training with the divers immediately.

"I want to be there with the Soldiers in the battalion to show them that the Chaplain is going to be a productive member in Bayonet family," said Hodge.

As long as the Army has been around, the Chaplain Corps has been serving along side of the Soldiers, providing spiritual needs, improving morale, and offering any services necessary to Soldiers. The Chaplains Corps is one of the smallest and oldest braches of the army and dates back to 1775. Small but potent; they are there for every Soldier and their families.

They continually serve those who serve, and accompany Soldiers all around the world as they carry out their mission. No matter the fight, the Chaplain Corps proudly stands by Soldiers with any mission set before them. The word Chaplain is derived from cappa, the Latin word for cloak, the spiritual guidance and sense of security that the army Chaplain never falters to give Soldiers the security and spiritual guidance they need and deserve.

The mission of the Chaplains Corps provides religious support to all Soldiers and assists commanders in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion for all Soldiers. Currently, over 2,900 Chaplains are serving the total Army representing over 130 different religious organizations. Chaplain Hodge will provide security within the ranks as the battalion prepares for the upcoming deployment.