ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Passengers in motor vehicles will no longer be required to show an ID when entering the installation with a driver who has a valid ID card.

The Trusted Traveler Program, which went into effect at APG Feb. 1, is intended to reduce wait times at all access points.

Director of Emergency Services Chris Ferris said Trusted Traveler is a convenience for people with guests, like people who live in housing areas and other CAC ID cardholders.

"At no point will the safety and security of APG be compromised by this change," said Ferris. "The DES will continue to execute programs that monitor and take aggressive action against possible illegal activities."

According to AR 190-13--the Army Physical Security Program, common access card holders, military retirees and military Family members have an inherent purpose and are authorized access to Army installations, therefore the Trusted Traveler Program allows all DoD identification cardholders (DoD employees, active-duty military, Family members ages 18 and older, and retired service members) to vouch for occupants in their immediate vehicle, provided the Trusted Traveler vehicle operator or passenger possesses a valid DoD ID card.

If there is no DoD ID cardholder in the vehicle, then all occupants will be required to show appropriate identification and possibly have the vehicle searched to enter APG. Persons with valid ID cards will not be allowed to vouch for persons with a foreign passport or ID.

Ferris said Trusted Traveler, in addition to expediting access to APG, will ease traffic congestion on adjoining highways and provide allow trusted travelers to vouch for Family members and guests.

Trusted Traveler may be suspended in accordance with installation Force Protection Condition criteria as determined by the installation senior commander or as directed by higher headquarters authority, and in support of the installation Random Access Measures program.

The program was approved at APG by the installation's senior leader, Maj. Gen. Robert Ferrell, based on recommendations from Ferris and Garrison Commander Col. Gregory McClinton.