VICENZA, Italy- Your breathing can be a powerful ally in coping with temporary physical and emotional states during stress. The Army's new Tactical Breather mobile application, available through T2 Health, the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, is a great tool for initiating the body's relaxation response.

Many people have who have difficulty finding time for meditation or a stress techniques class will find this application useful. It can be used anywhere for any length of time you can fit into your day.

This iphone or Android application assists in controlling your physiological and psychological responses to stress.

In stressful times we often find ourselves breathing too rapidly. Rapid breathing leads to a buildup of oxygen in the bloodstream and a decrease in the relative amount of carbon dioxide, which in turn upsets the ideal acid-alkaline (pH) balance of the blood, which results in a feeling of anxiety and irritability.

The Tactical Breather can guide you through the exercise of techniques to slow your breathing, which raises the carbon dioxide level in the blood, nudging the pH level back to a less alkaline state.

As the blood's pH changes, the parasympathetic nervous system calms us in a variety of ways, including telling the vagus nerve to secrete acetylcholine, a substance that lowers the heart rate.
This application allows you the opportunity to practice and learn to control your heart rate, emotions and overall mood through special breathing techniques developed by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman in his book "On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace."

By downloading this application, you may freely benefit from the ideas taught to help with nearly any stressful situation you encounter.

The Army Wellness Center, Family Advocacy, USAG Vicenza Chapel Services, Military Family Life Consultants and U.S. Army Health Center Vicenza all have additional resources available to assist you in dealing with stress.