YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- In order for pregnant Servicemembers to maintain fitness and facilitate rapid recovery after delivery, Eighth Army in coordination with USAG Yongsan initiated the consolidated Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, exercise during pregnancy helps to maintain cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness throughout the pregnancy and the postpartum period. Army studies also indicate that without a structured intervention during pregnant period, there is increased incidence of injury, illness and reduced fitness upon the Soldier's return to unit PRT.

The Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training provides safe and adequate training that is specifically designed to promote the well being of the pregnant Servicemembers. The goal of the program is not limited to short-term fitness during the pregnant period, but it is also meant to ease the process of transition back to regular Physical Readiness Training.
"The Program gives knowledge, tools, and skills to females to help them succeed as Soldiers through the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood," said Staff Sgt. Glen D. Roussin, the Installation Instructor trainer for the P3T program. "The health and safety of the Soldier and her baby can be maximized by following the Army's approved standardized physical training and education program."

The program is composed of three to four times a week exercise sessions that focus on core strength, flexibility, centering and cardiovascular training, and one weekly education class. It is also intended to give support and build camaraderie amongst the pregnant and postpartum Soldiers.

"I feel grateful to the Army for their support and interest for pregnant community," said Sgt. Sun Joo Riggs, instrumentalist for the Eighth Army Band. "I thought I just can do my exercise on my own, but I decided to come out and participate, and it feels great. I am glad to meet other pregnant Soldiers because we can not only work out together but also share useful information about pregnancy."

For further information about the Area II P3T program, Soldiers should contact Staff Sgt. Glen D. Roussin at DSN 723-3147, or the Program Manager, Capt. Eddie L. Novo, at DSN 738-7907.