SEOUL, Republic of Korea -- Members of the 106th Medical Detachment visited the Seoul Saint Mary's Hospital to hand out presents for young patients, and experience the cutting edge technology the hospital provides here, Feb. 13.

The visit schedule was divided into two parts: Touring the hospital and visiting patients. During the tour, service members were able to look at how the Korean hospital offers service towards its patients. After the tour, they paid a visit to pediatric hospital patients and provided hospitality by giving presents to them.

The 106th Medical Detachment paid respect to its first ever visit to Seoul Saint Mary's Hospital.

"It was actually a lot of fun just watching the kids be elated due to our visit and see how the current medical technology has improved," said Mingu Kang, the commander's driver for the 106th Medical Detachment. "However, we did not want to play a role as one who just gives out sympathy. Instead, we tried to be a friend, and let everyone in the hospital know that Yongsan is their devoted neighbor."

According to Kang, the service members' visit served as a confirmation of the ROK-U.S. Alliance and Yongsan's goodwill.

"The U.S. Army service members' visit means a lot to us," said Hoogeun Chun, the vice president of external affairs and collaborations and the president of cancer institute of Seoul Saint Mary's Hospital. "Although various groups of people come to the hospital and show generosity, patients and their guardians feel more respected and thankful that people from other cultures come and express their kindness. In addition, I strongly believe that the collaboration event between our hospital and Yongsan enhances the ROK-U.S. Alliance. This is the first step to do so, and we are planning to make it annual."

The 106th Medical Detachment also looks forward to further opportunities to build stronger relationships.

"Of course, there will be obstacles planning and performing events as today," said Sgt 1st Class Ross. J. Francesca, the noncommissioned officer of 106th Medical Detachment. "However, I and our members gained confidence by today's experience. This will help us do more goods for Korea and Yongsan's relationship."