GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- "No one is more professional than I," reads the first line of the NCO Creed. NCOs are expected to live up to this creed every day, both on and off duty, and to set the standard in regards to professionalism.

In order to promote professionalism within the NCO Corps, the 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion conducted a Profession of Arms Week, recently. Several young NCOs, along with specialists who fill NCO roles, attended the training.

In planning this event, 44th ESB Command Sgt. Maj. Charlie Bryant desired to reinforce standards and discipline, especially with the apparent decline in these areas as a result of persistent conflict for over a decade.

"The duty of a NCO and leader is to uphold standards and enforce discipline," said Bryant. "We begin preparing to be an NCO the first day we put on the uniform. We must train, teach and develop our Soldiers for the next generation. Our NCOs will not get everything from our schools."

The event consisted of several classes throughout the week that covered different aspects related to standards and discipline. For example, one class instructed Soldiers and NCOs on how to properly conduct a tape test for Soldiers who do not meet height and weight requirements. Other classes instructed them on proper risk management, administrative processes such as promotion boards, and regulations such as AR 670-1.

Although most classes focused on standards and discipline related to the Army profession, some classes gave Soldiers and NCOs important information and tools vital to their duties as leaders.

A class on wellness, for instance, gave Soldiers and NCOs tips on how to eat healthy and care for themselves. Also, the class informed them of opportunities to obtain help in developing healthy diets and personal fitness plans.

Other classes even included responsible drinking topics and a visit from the 5th Signal Command's Command Sgt. Maj. Gerald Tyce. Tools like these help Soldiers and NCOs better perform their duties and take care of their subordinates, which in turn enhance the profession of arms.

"Profession of Arms Week provided great training," said Sgt. Korey Lyttleton from 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company. "I will be able to take what I learned and apply it to myself, as well as teach it to my Soldiers and enforce standards associated with our profession."

After seeing the success of this Profession of Arms Week, Bryant will continue to develop Profession of Arms Weeks each quarter.

He said each quarter the unit will focus one week on the Theme of Profession of Arms. During next quarter, he will focus the classes toward military expertise, and continue to instill professionalism in young Soldiers and NCOs.

Future Profession of Arms Weeks will cover Army customs, courtesies and traditions; military expertise and trust. By constantly working to set and raise the standard, no one truly is more professional than the NCOs who attended the Profession Arms Week.