FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Soldiers from the Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Jackson recently traveled to Fort Benning, Ga. and won the overall silver medal in the Warrior Games. Teams from Fort Stewart, Ga. and Fort Gordon, Ga. also participated in the four-day competition.

Games included events such as volleyball, cycling, wheelchair basketball, archery, track and field, and swimming. Team Jackson medaled in competitions ranging from group to individual sports. The team also won a silver medal for the overall team competition.

"Overall we finished second," said. Staff Sgt. Bryan Kyzer, WTU. "But if we had more time to practice, I have no doubt that we would have brought home the gold."

Members of the team experienced different emotions during the games, but some feelings remained constant -- camaraderie, being a part of a team and helping your teammates throughout the week.

"I had a great time," said Spc. Cody Monty, WTU. "For me, the individual efforts were nice, but the team sports were better because they brought us together as one."

"The camaraderie is what stands out to me," Kyzer said. "Whether it was me cheering someone else on, or the team competing in an event, you could feel the support."

Relationship building is something else the group highlighted.

"We had time to bond with one another," Kyzer said. "And now I have noticed that we have developed better relationships with one another."

The competition with other teams showed members of Team Jackson they are not alone in their fight to transition back to active duty or transition to civilian life.

"Just seeing the other guys who were competing against us meant a lot," 1st Lt. Daniel Lewis said. "Each installation had its own strong points, but seeing them compete and how they acted and their drive gave me inspiration. It let me know that there are others like us out there, and we are not alone in our situation, no matter what it may be or where we may be in our recovery."

The WTU Soldiers won 11 individual medals and second place as a team.