ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- Dedication, hard work, and can-do attitudes are words that describe five Army Sustainment Command personnel who received the Highly Productive Achievement Award, Jan. 30.

The presentations took place in the offices of each individual, in buildings 350 and 390, who received the award in front of their peers.

Col. Scott Lofreddo, chief of staff, ASC, presented the awards for their outstanding services to the command as they support United States and coalition forces around the world.

Loffreddo said, during one of the presentations, that this award means "your peers said that you are outstanding; it's about reputation as well."

The Hi-Pro Achievement Award is a peer-nominated award for individuals who display excellence in their daily work. Individuals cannot be recommended by their supervisor.

"The Hi-Pro award is an ASC quarterly award that has been around for more than 10 years," said Alice Soppe, programs specialist in Human Resources.

Five awards are given at Rock Island and seven to the command's respective brigades, said Soppe.
The recipients of the Hi-Pro Awards at ASC headquarters are:

• Maj. Peter Di Giorgio, workloading officer-in-charge, DMC.

His award stated: "His ability to leverage the expertise of a variety of staff elements to accomplish this mission is commendable. Major Di Giorgio's dedication reflects great credit upon himself, the DMC, and the US Army Sustainment Command."

"I am honored to be a recipient of the Hi-Pro Award. The ASC workforce sets itself apart by taking the time to recognize each other for excellence," Di Giorgio said. "I am grateful to be a part of that workforce and to be identified by my peers as one of its 'Highly Productive' employees."

• Chief Warrant Officer 3 Laureen Williams, supply systems technician, Distribution Management Center.

Her award stated: "She has become one of the Army's subject matter experts and 'go to' person not only for US Army Sustainment Command's oversight, observation, and technical input at the DOL site visits and post go-live activities, but all field sites."

"To be recommended for an award by your peers is a very high achievement," said Williams. "They recognize that you spend extra effort learning and providing training, information, knowledge base, and time to become proficient in an area you know nothing about."

Williams said this was her second peer award.

"I would like to thank all those responsible for recommending me for this award, it means a lot," Williams said.

• Dawn Glasgow, logistics management specialist, Directorate of Logistics.

Her award stated: "She is an extremely hard worker as evidenced by the multitude of the correspondence she responded to from her DOL customers in a timely concise and educated manner. She has a wonderful 'can-do' attitude that enhanced the atmosphere of the office."

"A 'peer' award is the greatest award anyone can receive and I am both honored and humbled to have been recognized by my peers" Glasgow said. She went on to say that the Hi-Pro Award program "contributes to a positive culture, and improved communications in the workforce."

"This organization allows me to feel comfortable being myself while accomplishing our mission and the strong sense of teamwork is evident. ASC is educated and experienced on the positive effects of peer-to-peer recognition and is an awesome motivator," Glasgow said.

• Brian Cewe, program analyst, Resource Management Directorate.

His award stated: "He provides superb customer service ensuring the customer is comfortable and satisfied. Mr. Cewe's can-do attitude and dedication reflect great credit upon himself, the G-8 [Resource Management] and the US Army Sustainment Command."

"It's a great honor to be selected by your peers and co-workers," said Cewe.

• Patricia Perrigo, supervisory human resources specialist, Human Resources.

Her award stated: "She not only demonstrated enormous productivity and initiative, but the quality of her work was paramount in the successful transfer of the employees. She gave her full attention to making the transition a complete success for all involved."

"The Hi-Pro is a very special award because it represents recognition and respect for your work by your peers and coworkers," said Perrigo. "It also represents their thoughtfulness, that they took time from their busy schedules to prepare and submit the nomination. We have an incredible group of people in G-1 (Personnel) and I'm proud to be part of this great team."

ASC has two programs to recognize excellence which include the Hi-Pro Awards and Commanding General Awards for Excellence. Both were established to recognize the outstanding work and accomplishments of hard-working ASC personnel.

Another program in ASC is Journey To Leadership, which gives participants a professional and personal foundation to build on. JTL is also a dynamic leadership program that strengthens leadership skills for current and future positions.

"I now understand how I am connected to something that is greater than me. Journey To leadership helped renew my sense of purpose," said a JTL graduate.

JTL is broken down into three tiers --Tier I are for employees at General Schedule level 5-9, Tier II for employees at GS levels 10-13, and Tier III for managers and supervisors.

Each Tier consists of five to six weeks of formal training such as 30-Day developmental assignments, executive interviews, shadowing assignments, leadership book reviews, cross-training Days and team projects. The JTL program lasts about 10 months.

"Any training is beneficial, but leadership training helps an individual look at themselves and truly evaluate themselves and how they interact with others," said a JTL supervisor.