The 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Brigade gathered in the camp gymnasium 14 Dec. to case the battalion colors.Ltc. Col. Mark S. Parker and Command Sgt. Maj. Allen Braswell, the 304th command team, hosted the ceremony to honor the relocation of the 304th ESB from Camp Stanley to Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek, South Korea.304th ESB members past and present gathered for the Army tradition and welcomed distinguished guests. In attendance were the of leadership of the 71st Republic of Korea Division Signal Battalion, Korean American Friendship Association members, the Area I Deputy Garrison Command Team, and the 1st Signal Brigade leadership.The 304th ESB was constituted 29 July, 1921 in Georgia as part of the 4th Corps Reserves. The 304th ESB and its subordinate telephone companies mobilized to Papa New Guinea in support of Gen. MacArthur's Pacific Campaign. The battalion was also assigned the mission of providing tactical communications to the 8th Army Headquarters; a mission that the 304th ESB continues to this day.After World War II, the 304th ESB established its headquarters in Japan until 1950 when called back to action for the Korean War. The 304th supported 8th Army from Busan to the Yalu River during the conflict.After the war, the battalion established its headquarters at Camp Coiner, Yongsan, South Korea. It remained at Camp Coiner for 25 years until relocating 18 miles outside of Seoul to Camp Colbern. The 304th relocated to Camp Stanley in 2005 when Camp Colburn was closed.Parker touted the men and women who wear the unit patch and reminded them of the importance of their mission on the Korean peninsula. He also praised the unwavering support of unit family members and the garrison members who take care of soldiers each and every day."Though this chapter of the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion is coming to a close, our mission on the Korean Peninsula remains at the forefront of our thoughts," said Parker. "We continue that tradition today as we remain committed to providing the best tactical communications support anywhere anytime, day or night. When we are called upon by our leaders we will not fail."The ceremony marks the first battalion sized unit to relocate under either the Yongsan Relocation Plan or the Land Partnership Program agreements made by the U.S. and Korean governments. The plans call for the majority of U.S. forces to relocate south of the Han River by the end of 2015.