During the U.S. Army Materiel Command's annual Antiterrorism/Force Protection Conference, held 13-15 May at Redstone Arsenal, Ala., Red River Army Depot won the top two of four awards presented for 2007.

During the ceremony, AMC's Robert Schuster elaborated that this year's event was the best competition and with the most nominations than any previous year since the Army AT/FP awards program began.

FP is a combination of long-standing security and intelligence disciples. The overall concept of FP is an outgrowth of the Downing Commission's in-depth study of the terrorist attack on Khobar Towers. The Downing Commission rendered 13 imperatives, which now serve as the basis for all standards for force protections guidance and regulations.

In accordance with Department of Defense and Department of Army regulations, AMC established a FP program encompassing supplemental regulations and performance-based evaluation. In 2005, AMC aligned their awards program with DoD and DA, establishing annual recognition of installations and individuals for excellence within several categories.

For the 2007 year, RRAD was awarded the Best Antiterrorism/Force Protection Program for an installation. Director of Emergency Services Eric Foster accepted the award for the depot. The RRAD AT/FP program was recognized for the dramatic improvements over the past few years-to include, ten new projects that have been completed or are underway, each that significantly enhance physical and personnel security.

Also recognized was the AT/FP exercise program that integrates local, state and federal civilian agencies. These efforts were recognized not just in answer to weaknesses identified during past assessments of the installation FP program, but were also forward-looking and exceeding minimum standards.

In addition for the 2007 year, Bill Pass was presented the Best Antiterrorism/Force Protection Program Manager award. To receive this award, the selected individual must have demonstrated both superior management and leadership skills and a level of commitment that has had a major impact on the overall program. Pass' aggressiveness and futuristic outlook were instrumental in initiating procedural and programmatic improvements that have greatly enhanced the FP posture for RRAD.