Rock Island Arsenal, Ill. - On Jan. 25, Army Contracting Command-Rock Island Acting Executive Director, Col. John P. Hannon, presented Matthew J. Rosebrough, Acting Chief of Supply and Services, Directorate of Logistics, Army Sustainment Command, with an SES coin from former ACC-RI Executive Director, Michael R. Hutchison.

The coin was presented to Rosebrough for his assistance in outfitting nine officers located at ACC-RI with winter coats and gear.

"Given the extremely cold temperatures lately, the fleeces that we normally use in the winter really didn't cut it," said Hannon.

Beginning in November, Lt. Col. Christopher G. Dake worked with Rosebrough to determine what the officers required, as well as the best way to get the gear to them. Rosebrough then coordinated with his counterparts at Fort McCoy, Wis., to secure all of the necessary gear. Then he willingly set up multiple appointments to issue the gear in order to best accommodate everyone's schedules.

"This was the most user friendly process I have experienced in more than 20 years in the Army," said Dake.

Dake noted that the type of support Rosebrough provided was non-existent during his first assignment at Rock Island Arsenal and soldiers wore whatever their last unit had issued them.

"[Rosebrough] was patient with us through schedule changes and was truly great to work with," said Hannon. "I wanted to take the time to thank him by presenting him with one of Mr. Hutchison's coins, and Mr. Hutchison agreed."