FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- The Fort Jackson Tax Center will open for business at the end of the month.

Volunteer tax preparers will be on hand to help service members, retirees, dependents and other eligible people file their taxes for 2012, said Capt. Nick Allen, an Office of the Staff Judge Advocate representative.

The doors are scheduled to open 10 a.m., Jan. 30, with services expected to run at least until April 15, the day of the tax filing deadline. Allen said people should bring all documents relative to their income in the 2012 tax year.

People should also bring a form of identification, preferably a military ID card or a driver's license, as well as a social security card or official documentation that can verify their Social Security number, as well as the social security numbers of anyone jointly filing or being claimed as a dependent.

"If you had money that's income, then it's taxable," he said. "We need to see records for every source of income for the tax year of 2012. If you have a mortgage statement, you need to bring that with you, as well as any kind of payment made to a college savings plan, or contributions to an IRA or other retirement savings account."

Although staff members will need documentation for all sources of income, Allen said receipts for trivial spending are not necessary.

"You don't need to bring in every receipt you have from the year," he said. "If you stopped to buy (food or drink) at a gas station, it's really not relevant to what we'll be doing."

The following people qualify to receive free tax return preparation services:

 Active-duty service members and their dependents (provided they can show a military ID entitling them to service).

 Military retirees and their dependents (provided that they can show a military ID entitling them to service).

 Reservist and National Guard Soldiers activated on Title 10 status for a period of at least 29 days (provided they can show orders verifying their status and activation period).

The following people do not qualify for services:

 DoD civilians (unless they can prove that they are entitled another way, such as military retirement).

 Reservists and National Guard Soldiers on Title 32 status or on Title 10 status for a period less than 29 days.

 All others who cannot provide a military ID showing that they are entitled to tax prep services.

The tax preparation services fall under Army Regulation 27-3 as an authorized means of legal assistance to the military and its retirees. Branch of service does not matter. The same people who qualify for legal assistance at the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate also qualify for tax preparation services.

The office is now taking appointments for tax preparation, but walk-in customers are also welcome, Allen said.

The Fort Jackson Tax Center will be located at 4282 Jackson Blvd., near post headquarters. The hours of operation at 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, call 751 JTAX (5829).