YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea (Jan. 24, 2013) -- Korean college students had a unique opportunity to learn about Eighth Army.

Eighth Army hosted the 18 students who have been selected to be Korea-U.S. Student Goodwill Ambassadors here, Jan. 23.

"I would ask you to take the time today to observe how our Soldiers, civilians and families work and live on this small U.S. Army post in the heart of Seoul and to watch our ROK (Republic of Korea) and U.S. Army Soldiers serving together," said Maj. Gen. Walter M. Golden, deputy commanding general of Eighth Army, during the opening remarks of the event.

Following Golden's speech, Col. Jeffrey F. D'Antonio, Eighth Army's chief of civil military operations, held a presentation which highlighted Eighth Army's mission and America's commitment to the Pacific.

The students also got a chance to expand their understanding of the role of U.S. Forces Korea and how it helped Korea establish democracy through a video presentation.

Minseok Choo, director of Americas Division at Korea International Trade Association, who attended the event, said that the students would be able to realize the importance of U.S.-Korea relations through this program.

At the end of the event, the students were given a windshield tour of Yongsan Garrison which familiarized them with the history and duties of Eighth Army. They also participated in a panel discussion with officers of Eighth Army to exchange each side's view on U.S.-Korea relations.

"It was such an honor for us to talk with officers of Eighth Army on U.S.-Korea relations, and now I better understand why the relations are important," said Siwoo Park, one of the students at the event.

Korea-U.S. Student Goodwill Ambassadors are appointed by the Korea-U.S. Economic Council of KITA. They are going to take part in activities to promote friendship between the two countries.