ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Garrison APG is seeking additional representatives for its newly formed Community Voice Committee (CVC).

The bi-monthly meeting is dedicated to improving the quality of life for APG residents and employees.

"Our first meeting was held in November and went really well, but we'd like to supplement the current committee members by recruiting more residents, senior enlisted Soldiers and DoD civilians from both APG North and South," said APG Garrison Staff Action Officer Karen Dern.

"This gathering is an opportunity for meaningful group discussion between community members and garrison leadership," said Dern.

She also said Garrison Commander Col. Gregory McClinton or Command Sgt. Maj. James Ervin will chair each meeting, currently being held on APG North.

The meetings will feature round table discussions, and each representative will have a chance to contribute to the conversation.

"Reps will be encouraged to share information from meetings with their peers, and solicit feedback," Dern said.

Representatives are also encouraged to submit discussion topics and issues in advance.

"Submitting a question in advance gives us time to research the answer, or bring in a representative who can answer the question," Community Relations Officer Terri Kaltenbacher said.

Questions raised during the CVC will be followed up by e-mail, and addressed at the next CVC meeting.

Dern described the CVC as less-briefing centered, and more people-centered.

"This is that one-on-one conversation, where people sit around the table with the commander and hash out issues, offer suggestions for change, and make real-time differences," explained Dern. "There is no audience. It's a more intimate setting."

Dern said APG community members can always provide feedback--negative and positive--by using the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system on the APG website, www.apg.army.mil.

The next CVC meeting will take place Jan. 28 at the garrison headquarters building. Anyone who would like to serve as a rep or submit issues should contact Dern at 410-278-0001 or karen.a.dern4.civ@mail.mil. Senior enlisted Soldiers should contact Ervin at 410-278-1509 or james.e.ervin.mil@mail.mil.