In October 2012 the Fort A.P. Hill command group asked members of the AP
Hill team to take the Command Climate Survey to identify how "We" were doing
and where "I" needed to place additional Command emphasis to improve both
the quality of life and the quality of our mission.

On Jan. 17 we held our Town Hall to review the trends and results of our
survey, to look at current Garrison initiatives, future Garrison endeavors
and answer questions on current and future Garrison issues. I applaud the
great participation so that you could glean information and guidance on
actions, activities, programs the Command will implement to address
identified issues and challenges.

We will continue to work hard to address concerns associated with Resource
Challenges (Manpower), Planning Efforts, Individual and Collective Training
Programs and Communication. Our greatest challenge of these is
communication. Our first and most important step now is to establish and
retain strong personal relationships with each other and between our