CAMP DARBY, Italy- As times change, so do the ways we conduct business. In a sign of the times, the Darby Military Community Directorate of Training, Plans, Mobilization and Security office has come online and changed its name to the Darby Military Community Operations Center.

"The reason for this name change is to ensure we are in line with what an operations center is," said Lawrence Kilgore, deputy garrison manager. "We are responsible for the operations of all that goes on in and around the DMC."

According to Kilgore, if something moves, if information needs to be sent out to notify the community or coordination is required with host nation partners, the DMC Ops Center is the team that handles it.

The center is staffed with a three- to seven-person team, who handle daily activities such as interpreting services, host nation liaison duties, gathering information for dissemination and a myriad of other tasks. That can include coordinating any variety of U.S., local national and host nation events as well as emergency operations.

"The bottom line: if the Operations Center does not know about it, then the rest of our community does not know," said Kilgore.

Anything that happens in the Darby Military Community must have oversight by the Ops Center to ensure all necessary and proper steps are taken to execute the mission successfully.

"The Ops Center is the heart of the installation, where all requests, needs or information is conveyed," said plans specialist Alessandro Maccarini. "Once we are aware of a certain need, we make sure all the steps are taken to smooth the process."

The Operations Center includes Italian and U.S. military, anti-terrorism and host nation liaison officers. Their range of responsibility and expertise covers all activities within the community, he said.

"Before any items goes to the Italian base commander, or the deputy garrison manager, it must go through the Operations Center," said Kilgore. "Movement of personnel, equipment and all other facets of operations on the Depot, Ammunition Storage Area or Darby proper, are coordinated through the Ops Center."

Proper procedures ensure timely execution, he said.

"We follow the international and SOFA agreements. If that does not occur, it can take more time to fix an issue than if we had coordinated it properly beforehand. The aim is ensure seamless communication and coordination," Kilgore said.

"Everything that happens on the installation, the Operations Center should be notified," said Maccarini.

"This way we can add events to the community calendar, give visibility to all operations and tell offices and agencies exactly what procedures should be followed to complete the requested mission."

The Operation Center also tracks mandatory training, ensures proper force protection and anti-terrorism safeguards, and produces operations orders (OPORDs) for all DMC undertakings.

"Our job is to ease other people's jobs by providing professional, technical guidance," said Maccarini.

"I want to emphasize the incredible support that we receive from the Italian base commander liaison officer, Sgt. Giacinto Tufilli, in dealing with the Italian military authorities," he said.