YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- In order to make Yongsan more accessible to the physically handicapped community, Military Police of U.S Army Garrison Yongsan have put extra efforts to raise awareness of handicapped parking zones regulations.

Handicapped parking zones ensure easier access to those who have a verified permanent physical disability. As approved by a military physician, handicapped personnel may apply for a special handicap decal, which will be displayed on the inside of the driver's front windshield of the vehicle.

"Handicap parking by those not authorized is a problem here in Area II," said Sgt. Thomas A. Konerman, traffic accident investigator for the 142nd Military Police Company. "People occupying the handicapped parking zone without proper authorization are taking away spaces from those who really need them. It is important to know that the registered decals authorize you to park in a handicap space. Handicap plates or placards issued from a stateside DMV are not valid here in Area II."

The vehicle registration section located in Camp Kim issues the U.S. Forces Korea handicapped decal. The Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital, Post Exchange shops, Commissary and Moyer Recreation Center are some of the places within Area II that have designated handicapped parking zones.

"The Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital is where violations of handicap parking often occur," Konerman said. "As more and more Servicemembers and Families visit the hospital, there is an overall lack of parking spaces, and people take up the handicap zone instead. People with legitimate need can't use what they need to use."If the regulation is violated, all vehicles other than the ones with proper USFK handicap decals will receive parking citations."

If you need to register for a USFK handicap decal, you may do so at the Vehicle Registration Office on Camp Kim. Please contact DSN 724-4811 for further information.