BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Jan. 12, 2013)--Army Field Support Battalion Bagram, 401st AFSB held Operation Clean Sweep from Nov. 19 to Dec. 3, 2012 to find the team who would be the most "squeaky clean" and to motivate and gain team cohesion in taking pride in their areas of responsibility where people work 12 hours every day.

"We hoped to achieve a standard of order and discipline from the concerted efforts of our teams that support our Warfighters," said Sgt. Maj. Danette D. Bailey, AFSBn-BAF senior non-commissioned officer in charge. "We asked them to remove all unusable and unserviceable items from inside and outside their areas."

Bailey, Lt. Col. Peter J. Koch, AFSBn-BAF commander and Lt. Col. Todd W. Burnley who assumed command of the battalion on Dec. 7 walked through the entire battalion footprint on Dec. 3 to assess the progress made in the clean-up effort.

The overall winners were the HEMETT Tiger Team from Red River Army Depot who are deployed to sustain and service vehicles in the HEMETT series.

Bailey said they were very pleased with the results and that several areas really went the extra mile to clean up around their areas. It should be noted that they were looking at areas that perform maintenance on heavy equipment in austere conditions. She added that the Red River team's results were really impressive.

Other areas selected for honorable mention were the AC First Facilities wood shop, the JLG refurbishment shop and the CECOM Electronic Sustainment Support Center.