Soldiers from 1st Signal Brigade have worked together with Hanbit School for Blind for over 50 years. The top leaders in the brigade visited the school Dec. 26 on behalf of the 1st Signal Brigade Association. The children performed various Christmas carols for Col. Paul H. Fredenburgh III, Commander of 1st Signal Brigade and Command Sgt. Maj. Darris Curry, Command Sergeant Major of 1st Signal Brigade.

"When I heard them singing," said Curry, "I felt the contributions that the school is making through their voices; in helping them reach their true potential."

Hanbit School for Blind is located in Suyu, Ganbul district of Seoul, South Korea. The principal, Joon-Keun Lee, accepted a check for $1,500 from Fredenburgh. The money was donated on the behalf of the 1st Signal Brigade Association.

"We are truly thankful for the support 1st Signal Brigade has been giving us for many years," said Lee. "The kids love the Soldiers. We promise the donated funds will be in good use for the children."

Hanbit School for Blind is a corporate branch of Hanbit welfare foundation; focused on education and rehabilitation of the visually impaired. There are currently 82 blind students enrolled.

"I saw amazing potentials from these children," said Fredenburgh. "It was really nice to see them all cheerful and enthusiastic."