CAMP STANLEY, SOUTH KOREA -- After seven years of working at Camp Stanley the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion is relocating to Camp Humphreys as part of the 2004 Land Partnership Program agreement between the United States and Republic of Korea governments to move American Soldiers south of the Han River."We are the first battalion size element to make the move down south," said Lt. Col. Mark Parker, Commander of 304th ESB.Parker, a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, explained the move is a great opportunity for his Soldiers."This is basically a training event," said Parker. "Everyone in the battalion is learning how to move from one location to another. The steps are pretty similar to a deployment."Even though 304th ESB is moving their mission doesn't stop."We've maintain a readiness stance the entire move," said Lt. Jordan Larsen, Executive Officer for Bravo Company, 304th ESB."Our mission (304th ESB) is to be able to deploy tactical signal support on little notice anywhere in the Pacific Theater," said Parker.However, most Soldiers in 304th ESB don't mind tackling multiple missions. The extra work load is worth the new facilities waiting for them at Camp Humphreys."We're getting brand new everything (barracks, vehicle maintain facility, offices)," said Pfc. Kim Hwan-Joon, a Korean Augmentation to the United States Army. "I'm excited to get better barracks."Soldiers from 304th ESB are moving to Camp Humphreys during the month of December. The move was planned to have minimal impact on local highways.304th ESB has been planning the move for the past 17 months, said Maj. John Sanders, 304th ESB Executive Officer.-MORE- "We planned our move methodically, safely, and to have the least impact on the local community," said Sanders, native of Seattle, Wash. "As we move south, 23rd Chemical Battalion will take over our good neighbor program, and continue to help the local community."Over the past seven years 304th ESB has made many ties with the local community near Camp Stanley. 304th ESB has a very robust Good Neighbor Program, which Soldiers work with local community organizations to help benefit the local community.Even though the new location has better facilities some Soldiers will miss Camp Stanley and friends made in the Uijeongbu community."I just wanted to thank the community of Uijeongbu for being a wonderful host to us," said Parker. "I'm sad to be leaving you, but I hope our friendship will continue."-30-