CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Recently promoted Sergeants of the 94th Military Police Battalion, 501st Sustainment Brigade were welcomed to the Corp of Noncommissioned Officers the 94th MP NCO induction Ceremony held at the Humphrey's theatre December 12.

Several Command Sergeants Majors and other Senior NCOs from throughout the Peninsula conducted training classes for the 42 U.S. Army and Korean augmenters' to the U.S. Army (KATUSA) inductees during a four-hour NCO professional Development Session earlier that day.

"Today we are officially recognizing one of the most important stages of a young leader's life," said 94th MP Command Sgt. Maj. Lisa Piette-Edwards "The first line supervisor is the first face of the Army to a new Soldier."

Before the Ceremony began the inductees underwent training in several areas emphasizing the importance of NCO leadership.

"It is important at this level for young leaders to understand that NCOs must continue to learn because NCOs must always train, teach and mentor Soldiers," stated Piette-Edwards, currently stationed in Yongsan.

The inductees received training on NCO specific requirements like Mission Essential Tasks List, duties and responsibilities, counseling/evaluations, history of the NCO Corp and its relation to current practices.

"It's a reality they will have to take this training and give it to future generations," she commented regarding the importance of the NCOPD.

Command Sgt. Maj. Robert F. Austin of the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command addressed more specific subjects unique to Soldier on the Korean Peninsula such as understanding events in the Eastern Pacific, curfew violations, and proper conduct in a foreign nation to list a few. He challenged the Inductees to seek improvement in communication, discipline, and situational awareness in his lecture during the NCOPD.

"I want them to have the foundation and the building blocks to become leaders and do their part as Noncommissioned Officers," said Austin, the ceremonies guest speaker. "The first fix is communication."

Sergeant Kang, Jung, an automated logistics specialist and Seoul native, assigned to the 142nd MP Company stated "It is a very honorable opportunity for me.
I feel that I have become a part of the NCO Corps."

Kang a former KATUSA joined the U.S. Army two years ago and thanks his 1st Sergeant and NCOs getting him ready to join the ranks as a Noncommissioned Officer.

So while they continue reaching and gleaning from their leaders in one hand they must impart absolutely everything they have gained to nurture and develop the next link with the other hand, concluded Piette-Edwards.