U.S. Army Garrison -- Detroit Arsenal , Mich. -- To help promote teen workforce preparation and to help meet the employment and career exploration needs of all military teens 15-18 years of age, Child, Youth and School Services is bringing the HIRED! program to the Detroit Arsenal.

The HIRED! program is an apprenticeship program for CYSS youths that provides job experience to children of active duty, reserve, National Guard and civilian employees. They are assigned a mentor from the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation staff and receive additional training to include a financial workshop, career launch, job ready, interviewing skills and resume building. This additional training is provided with assistance from the Boys and Girls Club of America, Army Community Services and 4-H.

"As of right now, the jobs that we will offer are within FMWR," said Jillian Wilkerson, CYSS HIRED! coordinator. "We will hold a position in CYSS youth sports and with the Middle School and Teen program. We will also have a spot at the golf course at Selfridge. In the future, we plan to expand by having jobs on the Arsenal and possibly use our partnerships to help the youth gain experience in the school districts and other areas."

The inaugural term starts March 13 with only three positions available. For these first three positions, youths must be currently enrolled in the CYSS program. Beginning with the second term in June, CYSS enrollment will no longer be a requirement.

CYSS hopes to add more positions each term with the potential of reaching 33 slots in the future. All apprentices receive a stipend at the end of each term from Kansas State University. KSU forged a partnership with the military to enhance education.

In order to participate in HIRED!, teens must submit a resume, fill out an application and pass a local background check. The program requires students to work 15 hours per week but not after 7 p.m. They can work on weekends. Each term lasts for 12 weeks. The teens may participate in three terms per year for up to three years if they meet the requirements. The terms available are March - May, June - Aug., Sept. - Nov., and Dec. - Feb.

An informational presentation for parents will commence on Saturday, Jan. 12 from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m. at the Child Development Center at the Detroit Arsenal.

For more information about the HIRED! Program, contact Marques Simmons at 586-282-9730 or Jillian Wilkerson at 586-282-0909.